Ten reasons why “Nu Vibe” are history….

So let’s kick off with our first tip.

Cashstash. 0 points.

NU VIBE TO BE ELIMINATED  (3.95 – Betfair – 1st Group to be eliminated)

Ten Reasons:

1. Goldie Gimmicks – When Goldie went, the producers lost one of their novelty acts. These girls with their inability to apply makeup properly, their appalling radioactive tans and their desperate bids to use catchphrases to get on TOWIE, are far more interesting than a moody boyband.

2. Tacky Dancers – 2 Shoes got ten tacky dancers, a personalised number plate and glittery mics. Nu Vibe got no backing dancers and a lazy matrix style set.

3. Relatability- It’s easier to relate to two plus size women than it is to ten random boyband members.

4. Competition Credibility – If they ditched 2 Shoes, I think I’m right that there will be NO original bands left in the competition. Just ones selected based on their height.

5. Babies – The pregnancy is a nice human interest story to keep Now magazine happy.

6. War – The producers were quite happy to point out in the VT that Nu Vibe haven’t been getting along.

7. Vibe Vocals – They were also happy to point out in the VT that they weren’t singing in tune in rehearsals…. and they were right. One Direction weren’t much better in live shows, but they were allowed a very loud backing track to drown out imperfections. These guys were not afforded such a luxury.

8. Boybrands – If you want to build a brand, don’t have two competing products. One boyband is far easier to build.

9. TBA – To be revealed tomorrow.

10. Surprise Us – If all the favourites go tonight, there is no “shock” or surprise. Ditching a boyband on week one, would be a surprise.

Why I’m wrong:

Whilst I’m sure the X Factor producers would never discriminate against a pregnant woman, they have got a tour to think about and the health/stress of the girl. They’ll be out soon anyway. A boyband stands a much better chance. 2 Shoes’ performance on Youtube has the lowest number of viewers by a mile. Tulisa’s passionate defence on the show vs “You’re a lot of fun” to 2 Shoes.


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  1. So it’s tomorrow Richard, what is number 9?

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