The Week Ahead on Betsfactor

MONDAY 12 Noon – We name the WINNER of the X Factor and tell you why.

TUESDAY 12 Noon – We name the BIG OUTSIDE BET for this year. I got these guys at 90/1. They won’t win, but we reckon the odds will tumble down enabling a decent hedge.

WEDNESDAY 12 Noon – We reveal the secret new method I’m using to try and work out who’s popular.

THURSDAY 12 Noon – We try and work out why I’m using the word “we” when talking about Betsfactor. We ask why I’m doing it, who else is on “the team”, whether I will extend this to implying “we” have “offices” or “Betsfactor HQ”. We also ask whether it was morally correct for “us” to delete the post earlier, the one detailing ten reasons why Nu Vibe were definitely for the chop and we ask whether a single person has signed up to follow @betsfactor.

FRIDAY 12 Noon – A look ahead to the second live show.

It’s all coming up on the fastest growing X Factor betting blog in the UK.


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