Welcome – Ten Reasons to Ignore This!

So, I want to win cash from the X Factor and I want to learn about WordPress and use this as a testbed for all my other diabolical ideas.  Expect Betsfactor to go through redesigns, have ludicrous forums and comments sections that absolutely no one will use, and to be running polling, twitter feedback and other such gimmicks, simply for the learning experience.

Just a few pointers first.

1.  Jade to Win – Last week friends asked for some advice. I said back JADE at 7/1 to win. How’s that doing at the moment? The most important fact to remember is – I don’t know what I am talking about.

2. Gambling is bad. You shouldn’t stake even 10p on these opinions, as I am an idiot who knows little. www.gambleaware.co.uk is a link I’m posting because I don’t know the rules on whether I have to.

3. Wrong = Deleted. Posts where I got it wrong will probably be deleted – posts where I got it right will be highlighted, bragged about, sensationalized and mentioned as frequently as possible. If you’re coming to this in mid November and you can only see one post, I hope that explains why.

4. Tyypos – There will be a staggering amount of grammatical errors, typos, spelling errors and ill thought through opinion.

5. Penis Photos – I’m doing this to learn about WordPress. I will get bored and stop. I will also try and do flashy things with the blog for no sensible reason. One day you might come here and notice that there is a photo quiz of famous Louis’ in history, or twelve embarrassing pictures of my penis I’ve accidentally uploaded whilst attempting to test a new feature.

6. Missing Key Facts – It’s almost certain I will have missed a key fact such as, “that contestant died last week, it was all over the papers” when I post my tips.

7. Stakes – Friends who read this will know I am “risk averse”. So when the blog ends up 22 points up (a return of 2200% on your money), you will assume I’ve made thousands. I will have made £44.

8. Single Figures – The total number of readers of this blog will be lower than 10. Despite in week six, me launching an experimental marketing campaign costing £80,000 to “test social media impacts”.

9. Sofa’s better. There’s a website that does analysis way way better than anything you’ll get here. I’m just doing this for a laugh. It’s Sofabet. You should go there right now.

10. I’m an idiot.

Have fun! You can contact me here.


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  1. I’m interested in your track record. How much money did you make on successful bets in Xfactor 2010?

  2. Hi Mozzie.

    I think we know the answer to that don’t we….

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