Of course this prediction will change, will be swept under the carpet, will be deleted… but I am quietly confident I’ve got this one right.




Here are five reasons why:

1. Merseyside Bloc. One of the three scousers is out, leaving Marcus and Craig. Marcus will limp out midway through leaving the crucial Merseyside voting bloc to swing behind Craig.

2. Youtube. As we’ll discuss on Wednesday, out of all the performances, Craig is by far and away the most watched on Youtube this week. Of the first auditions, his is one of the most watched as well.

3. Salad – Craig is making roasted vegetables whilst everyone else eats junk food. This guy is so committed, he’s following a healthy eating plan set by Gary Barlow. That level of lettuce courage creates winners.

4. Talent – There is the small point that he is very talented and has a good voice – but no one’s interested in that.

5. Steady Eddie – With his voice, you would expect him to be in the top half dozen best performances, and then, like so often with Susan Boyle, Gareth Gates, Rowan Park, the favourite will be eliminated at the final hurdle.

Later, I’ll explain why the top three favourites won’t win.


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