Betsfactor Postbag

A reader writes….


Hi Richard. Love the blog. Any thoughts on week one public vote betting? Rhythmix getting through has dropped their price from 90 to 70. i think we should look to double our money on these girls. Although even if they make it through to the final 6, bookies will have a good idea on whether they can win by then, and this is a win only market, so there’s a chance we won’t get much more value unless the public actually likes them.

One bookie still going 7 on craig. I can see the public getting behind him so it’s a good bet for sure. I just can’t support him, that’s all.

Nu vibe are the fave to go. Maybe because the boy band vote will be split with most going to the risk, and the judges will favour kitty? I think kitty to go at 11/2 is quite good value. I can see the public hating her, her doing a really average weird performance, coming in the bottom two along with rhythmix for example, and them saving the girl band.

I also think marcus to go at 16s is an option. The scouser vote goes to craig. The “fit bloke” vote going to frankie or the boy bands. The only question is, if he is in the bottom two, who would he have to be against for the judges to vote him out? They’d vote off kitty, johnny, nu vibe ahead of him for sure. possibly the only weaker act they’d save ahead of him would be rhythmix if they’re trying to push a girlband in the competition.


Let us know what you think in the comments section. I will give my views on all this later.


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