X Factor – Who’s being ditched = LIVE! =

So, we’re looking for the two acts to be in the bottom two.

RED – Likely
AMBER – Maybe
GREEN – Safe

This will be updated LIVE. So hit the Betsfactor logo at the top to refresh….

Nu Vibe were again, terrible – but listening to the performance, I would say that they weren’t hung as much as they could have been – they were given a reasonable amount of help with the backing vocals. Bono would be delighted with their dire version of With or Without you….RED

Sam whos entire VT was encouraging people to eat foods in saturated fat in order to be a successful popstar and then foolishly comparing herself <to Jane Macdonald. Sung a classic hit but whilst Strictly was still on, so a danger that the people who love Whitney were still on the BBC. Nonetheless, she sang it well enough to be safe. GREEN

The producers hung out Craig Colton tonight – my tip to win it…. They made his performance pretty dull… and he looked extremely cabaret…. and he was on pre- Strictly finishing. AMBER

Janet launched the show for people switching over from Strictly, so she could be the first that is seen. An emotional VT and a great performance (The vocal equivalent of “I’m really vunerable, naive and confused” will wear thin after week eight). Awkward chitchat wit Dermot but safe by a mile. GREEN

Cuddly Supergrass style puppy Frankie was given an average song by Gary and was also screwed around at the last minute. The bad judges comments will probably mean that the randy 19 year old girls who want to appear on his backside will text in at just 36p a text. AMBER

Johnny who had more fans on stage than he’ll have this time next year, is clearly this year’s Wagner. With 2 Shoes out, the producers need to keep him in and he wasn’t that bad at all. He says he’d love to do a ballad… that won’t be happening for a few weeks until the producers want him out.  GREEN

Marcus was an interesting one – the VT made him look like the lovely, fun, wacky zany scouser, whereas previously this title had gone to Craig. The presence of the Olympic torch, continuous groping on stage and a feel good tune about playing Russian Roulette and potentially blasting your brains out with a gun, meant that Marcus looks vunerable. What was interesting is how he got a better VT and a better stage show than Craig. It’s as if the producers want Craig to look duller than Marcus. Interesting…. RED.

Rhythmix – My outside 75/1 tip to do better than expected. See an earlier article… This wasn’t bad at all – very shaky start, they were given a reasonable stage production, nice bright set and a MASSIVELY ramped up One Direction style backing track. I think you can always tell who the producers want to stay in, by listening to the backing track. Orange Tulisa, who irritated Kelly by forgetting she was supposed to go last, begged everyone to relate to them because they aren’t that attractive, “won’t steal your boyfriend”. That reliability was ramped up in the VT one of them  “once bought two chocolate cakes!!!!”. Crazy. Reason these guys are safe, is because they’ve stressed over and over again in the last five minutes that girl bands never get through. Tulisa pleading with women to vote etc etc. Safe and we’re one step closer to my 75/1 outsider hedge… GREEN.

Misha – Negatives – the Charles and Eddie cover the kids won’t recognize. Looking like the UK’s least popular Quality Street – the one no one likes with a hazelnut encased in caramel. Pros – The soft VT and excellent vocals Gary comparing her to acts like Beyonce, Paul McCartney and Rhianna. She’s fine. GREEN.

The Risk – Huh Huh Huh. We’re such great mates. And one of us cried… Huh Huh… I’m the sensitive one now…. Ha ha ha…. We’ve got such a great chemistry…. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha huh huh huh huh huh ha ha. All the girls are screaming for us…. Ha ha Ha. Here’s a Bruno Marrs tune all about telling women how amazing they look even though they’re in grey sweat pants. We’re just such lovely guys… Ha ha ha. So which boyband do we think the producers would like us to keep and which would they like us to ignore…. GREEN

Sophie – Joined Tulisa at Tantastic Brixton a few times this week. This new version of the Calling’s Where ever you will go is very popular at the moment, I’m not sure having Sophie doing a substandard version of it was a great idea. Sophie is clearly this year’s Dark Horse (no idea who it was last year – Matt maybe!). She’ll be OK. AMBER

Kitty – Lady Gaga wannabee, and anti bully crusade by Kitty and she owes a superb performance to her fans. She will survive because she’s last and she can sing. Reminds me of Rhydian. GREEN

Marucs / Nu Vibe now 8-1 combined to be the bottom two. I mentioned that Nu Vibe earlier as a act that might scrape through since you need such a small percentage to survive.

And I think that’s a decent shout at the moment. At 2pm tomorrow we’ll name our weekly bet – once we’ve looked at the Youtube hits figures….


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