This Week’s Bet

MARCUS TO GO TONIGHT 25/1 (Betfair).

These odds are just too good to ignore. Looking at the Youtube data over the last 24 hours, his performance is the least watched at the moment. You only need a few percentage points of the vote to survive and I think Nu Vibe stand a real chance of making it to the next round. You just need a few teenagers to decide they fancy one of the members and they will pass over the 10-12% of the vote hurdle that they’ll need.

So let’s work on the idea that Nu Vibe are a surprise surviving band – you suddenly have to decide who else is¬†vulnerable to ending up in the bottom two.

Looking at the current Youtube data, Marcus has the least number of views. The first four acts have all done well, including Nu Vibe, but this could be people catching up having watched Strictly.

If Marcus comes up against someone like Rhythmix in the singoff, he will be history, especially after the comments from the judges about how wonderful Rhythmix are and how they should be voted for.

Sammi at 18s also looks good.

We’re looking for great value bets here – I think 25/1 is a crazy price, we have no idea how the public will vote tonight, Nu Vibe are not 1/4 ON to go in my view!


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