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8:00 – Live Blogging of who’s performances are red, amber and green.

10:30 – This week’s Betsfactor Bet.


Long winded discussion at Betsfactor HQ about who’s vunerable during Rock Week. We’d say:

* Rhythmix

* Marcus

* Sammi


I suspect Sammi Cruise Ship will be on first tonight, but Sammi’s voice might well carry her through, as Rock and Diva kind of work together (think tunes like Heart – Alone). Don’t forget she was reinstated as well, which rather makes Louis’ comments about how much she  “deserves to be in the competition” just a little hollow.

Fauxhoodband Rhythmix might well lose votes tonight, as you can’t really rap during Rock Week (unless you do a sort of Walk This Way remix) and the public will relax, assuming they are safe after last week’s almost ridiculous obsession with pointing out how superb they were and how girl bands should be allowed to win etc etc.

Marcus had an excellent VT and a much better position than Craig (who always looks a bit “yeah, that was a world class performance wasn’t it” at the end of his performances), so producers might prefer him to do well.

But, right now if you had to ask me who was going, I would again say Marcus or Sammi. Neither add anything to the competition in terms of press coverage or astonishing talent and both are expendable acts.

If either end up in the bottom two, they are toast.

The value, once again, lies in Marcus’ odds. Remember, we’re only looking for one big price to come good. At 9/1 on Betfair right now, I would say that’s the sort of value you get when you go on a date with me to a Pizza Express on a Sunday night and I use a voucher.


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