It’s P&O Time for Sami

At a sensational price. 7/2. (Betfair)

This week’s Bet – SAMI TO GO 7/2 – (4.5)

The woman who models herself on Jane Macdonald, Sammi, gave an appalling performance of a average Cher song, and the stage has been set for the “Louis ruined her career” storyline.

1. Peed off Producers. Don’t tell people the phone votes are £1 love. Never highlight the cost of the calls when you don’t have to and especially don’t imply they are 3 times the price they actually are.  The producers won’t be happy with this.

2. Yeo Valley – Frankie needs to survive for The Health Lottery, Yeo Valley and Talk Talk’s sake – He’s generating the buzz about the show, so keep him in for a while and keep those front page stories going and the ratings higher. It’s likely the Daily Mail will get excited about the words “bitches and whores” in a family entertainment show, and it would be good to get some press mileage out of the “bad boy” image.

3. Duck –  Louis didn’t want her in the first place. Remember she’s a lame duck, after Louis had to U turn over Goldie – a woman who sensibly realised she was this year’s Wagner.

4. Happy Cowell It was a much much better show this week. Louis accusing an act of being a bully, an incredible crowd reaction to Johnny, Kelly Rowland making strange noises, Gary being more animated, some great choreography – there are plenty of water cooler points for bored office workers on Monday. Sami dded little to that.

5. The Recession – It’s great that she thinks that spare money, when times are hard and Christmas is coming, should be used to keep her in the competition

6. Diva – The VT made her look like a Diva. In the VT she said, “I’m not singing Cher…I’d rather sit in the audience than sing Cher”. Well, next week you will be unfortunately.

7. She trusts Louis 110%. It was a poor song choice – she said she didn’t want to sing the song and Louis (the producers) forced her to. So we can have a “Louis let you down tonight” cliche to round things off at 8:55pm tomorrow.

8. Weak stage show. Not much going on and she was was badly styled in a binliner.

9. Some judges talked her up. When they do this, people don’t feel the need to vote.

10. Singoff – Up against Rhythmix or Sophie she will be toast. If Rhythmix can just make a few more weeks Cowell can sign them up and get marketing the hell out of them. Up against Frankie, I really do believe the judges will save Frankie, despite Gary’s very lukewarm comments about him being “pretty good”.

It’s P&O time my love.


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