Once again here are my views on the performances using Betsfactor’s world famous traffic lights system.

You need to reload this page every few minutes to get the very latest comments and views as they come in…..

RED – In serious trouble. Dreadful performance or VT. Likely to be doing club gigs and appearances at G-A-Y next week.
AMBER – In the danger zone. Not a good performance/VT/Position on the show. 
GREEN – Will be fine and won’t be in the bottom two. No act we’ve labelled green has EVER been in the bottom two in the one week we’ve been doing this blog.

Rock week is go go go.

For some reason I’m having to write them in the wrong order.

Janet suffered from being so young. She’s not used to expressing herself, a little like Cher Lloyd, so comes across as a little bit cold and dull. It was strange to see her being interviewed in the VT by journalists and again came across as dull. This one trick pony won’t win, but she’s safe. GREEN

Sami – Lots of people are pretty confident this woman’s going. And I am now inclined to agree with them. A truly dire performance and the VT set everything up perfectly for her to go. “I trust Louis”… “”Louis has done back it again”…. So the story can be Louis screwed it up…. The song was sung in a weird key and there was no backing production or dancing and the other judges were lining up to say “you did well”. The producers won’t be happy with her suggesting the calls are one pound a vote! Bye Bye now. RED

Rhythmix – We’re so wacky… ha ha…. rock weeeeeeeeeek….. ha ha. We’ve got such great chemistry…. I’m like the mum because I once made the band cups of tea…. ha ha….  I like these girls and I think that was a fantastic version of Tick Tock. Remember these were my 75/1 outsider to outperform and I think that was a great high energy performance. SAFE! Yes GREEN!!

Sophie – Surrounded by a pack of 200 tealights for £2 from IKEA and a self satisfied fake guitar player she delivers a dodgy performance and the “accent” or “tone” of her voice is also something that could grate in a Janet way. Out of her depth here. The Westlife key change also caused her more problems. A lot of bum notes. In trouble. Astonished that the judges said she was good – could be a tactic to make people think she doesn’t need the votes. In danger. RED.

Craig – Given a ballad which was very kind of them – but the danger of the performance was that they made him look very dull with no backing singers. This guy can sing and he’s talented – from a betting point of view I’m unhappy that Simon/top producers clearly don’t want him to win. They didn’t give him a decent stage set up, he had a mid ranking position in the line up. AMBER 

Kitty – Irritating. Like buying a fake Lady Gaga on eBay. It sort of works, but it’s a cheap imitation. Safe. GREEN

Frankie – Has clearly been cast as the badboy this year. With lyrics referring to bitches and whores you know that this song was deliberately set up for the Daily Mail to criticise on Monday. “Is this family entertainment” etc…. They also gave him a VT going into the performance pretending he was storming through backstage. Good energy, and he’s back in the game. Why? Because I want to watch what he does next week. I would have said safe, but he goes to Amber, because of Gary’s lukewarm comments.”You were crap last week and this week you did… er… pretty well tonight” is not what you normally hear from the supporting judge. AMBER.

The Risk – He definitely loves a lady or two…. OR THREE! Ha “or three!!!!”. Singer Derry shown during the VT looked like he’d been to an Amsterdam cafe for an hour or two. Or three – ha ha ha. These guys are getting away with murder, some dodgy vocals being masked by One Direction style ramped up backing vocals. GREEN

Johnny – A great performance, great crowd reaction. GREEN

Misha – Amazing to hear Tulisa slagging off an act for saying nasty things backstage. Louis used the “b” word… Bullying.  Judges trying to make her look bad – she’ll be OK but unlikely to win it now. The judges have clearly been primed to invent some buzz about the show, but by accusing her of being a bully, I think it’s all over for her long term.   GREEN

Marcus did a good performance and had good styling, good performance and a great set of backing dancers this week. Earlier in the day I’d been looking for him to do very badly. Gary Barlow, who’s clearly been told to be more energetic and also to use a little extra hair dye stood up to fake some excitement. I think I did well. Interesting that he got the worst (first) slot. I still think he’s vunerable, but this was way way better than expected.  AMBER


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