Reader Postbag

You can write to the blog – contact me here. We’ll publish any old half baked analysis in a desperate bid to do less work and get the hits up.

A reader writes….

Richard – love the blog. This week I’m going with Sophie to win at 15/1 (Betfair), a dark horse that will gather momentum¬†throughout the show.

Let’s look at the evidence.

– She’s survived the bottom two in the first two weeks, the public must like her enough and be aware of her enough.

– As she continues in the competition she’ll only gain in popularity and her airtime will increase once the likes of Frankie and Johnny are out.

– She has a unique sound which is very marketable. If she’s singing on a record you’ll know it’s her.

– Even if she were in the bottom two, she’ll be saved.

– Dont quote me on this, but I’m sure plenty of winners have had similar profiles.

Then look at the favourites:

Janet – public will get bored of her stupid voice. I already am. Remember Diana Vickers?

Micha – already been outed as a bully and doesn’t seem friendly at all. Gives the public no reason to connect with her. No chance.

The Risk – a danger, although a band has never won. Is this lot any more voteable then One Direction/JLS?

Craig – drifted in the betting recently. <further remark edited!>.

Marcus – isn’t that great. has done well so far, but capable of having one or two really poor weeks if the songs don’t suit. could be another dark horse

No one else further out in the betting has a chance.

Richard’s view: I think a lot of this makes sense, she is a little dull, but then so was Leona. There is a danger that her voice could be a bit “samey” just like Janet and she has been a “under the radar” contestant. I’d say it’s reasonable value.


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