Sophie Habyebyeis

Shambles week was pretty entertaining. Louis trying the same gag several times and laughing hysterically at it, Alexandra Burke proving it’s not that easy to be a judge and the astonishing fact that not a single person in the UK could now name the four members of The Risk.

It’s Sophie Habyebyeis – We tipped her earlier at 3.1 (about 2-1) on Betsfair, if you were watching the live blog and following me like a gambling addicted sheep, then you will have got that price. After revealed her as our tip, her price screamed in and she’s now about 2.3. This is the blog that moves betting markets.

So why is the girl next door off?

1.Your Subconscious  -Lets take a look at those lyrics she sang over and over again….

Bang bang you shot me down

Bang bang I hit the ground

Bang bang that awful sound

Bang bang my baby shot me down

“Awful Sound”, “Goodbye”  “Bang bang”, “you shot me down”. etc.

2. Hanging her in the VT – Craig goes to Liverpool, and some radio station no one has ever heard of and that it appears you can only listen to online, backs him. There are posters everywhere and his parents wear T Shirts with his photo across their breasts. Johnny gets mobbed on a night out and is given a free £6 cocktail, he’s all over the tabloids and the paps are mobbing him. Sophie goes home and one friend joins her in an empty pub, saying “It’s wicked, everyone is supporting you”, one person also has a banner up on some railings somewhere and there was a small article in a local paper. Message – no one cares.

3. 1966 – A memorable year for people in England, and who can forget it was also the year that Cher released that famous #3 chart hit – Bang Bang. A song forty five years old that didn’t even make #1. Will play well with those 19 year old voters.

4. Given an early “bury them” slot. Third in the running order.

5. The Shakes. Listen to the vocals and you can hear how nervous she is.

Sophie's Off

It's over for Sophie at 2-1

6. Sulky, Surly, Angry, Unhappy. Her face at the end of the song and at the end of the performances,  just looked sulky and annoyed as she came to the realisation she’d been this weeks’ “producers choice” to be binned. Sami knew it was coming, so does Sophie. Poor girl!

7. Dishwater – OK, so Gary called the song as dull as dishwater – but that phrase will stick to her as well. Louis wading in with some comment about her being a secretary who sings at the weekend won’t have helped either. Talking of judges….

8. Wise words – Here are a few edited highlights on what Alexandra Burke had to say “There was some slight tuning problems babe, but it does not take away that you are a beautiful performer. You know what it’s Halloween, don’t we want a nice sort of droopy little song choice here… you are finding your own two feet… just remember each week… shine because you can shine OK?”. Thought provoking.

9. The Markets – As soon as we tipped her to go, the odds tumbled. This is only natural when you have the sort of global credibility that Betsfactor has.  Euan, a commentator on sofabet and former colleague of mine has called it correctly for two weeks. @EuanMcMorrow to follow him. He’s going for Sophie as well.

10. Everyone else is either more talented or generates more PR for them. Simple as that. She beats a reasonable number of acts on talent, but those she beats, trump her on PR. What does the show need now? PR.

This week’s bet – Sophie to be eliminated tonight. Betfair 3.1.

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