It’s Shambles week on the X Factor as ITV executives face their own Fright Night, as they pray that half the audience aren’t scared away by a series of horrific shambolic gaffes.

As we’ve done before – RED means they are in trouble, AMBER is a middle of the road, hedging my bets, what do I know opinion, GREEN is safe… Remember, last week our expert opinion rated Kitty as green, so these views can be trusted week in, week out.

Here we go Britain.

Remember to hit “REFRESH” or click the Betsfactor Logo a couple of times…

The Risk – described by Alexandra Burke, as “magical”, the key was the big production and the loud backing vocals… Why were they put first? Probably to bury the shambolic news about their line up changing again and putting in a guy from a band no one liked… This was a clever was to bury the news for people still watching Strictly, some people probably won’t notice. I reckon they’ll be fine. GREEN 

Johnny – This guy can sing! They will need him for the tour and I think only the top eight go through. Danger of his song choice is that it’s pretty retro and not especially well know. No production so it could have looked dull. I think that was a good performance, and Gary getting up on stage just helped. GREEN

Sophie – In danger. a dull VT, a weak song choice. Sung in a very average style.  Several shots of her looking a bit irritated, sulky and surly at the end of the song. Louis continuing to slate her. Even Gary referring to “dull as dishwater” song choices, that phrase still will be associated with her.  Bang Bang it could be bye bye. RED

Marcus is starting to find his feet and I would argue that producers are starting to switch their allegiance to him. The vocals were really average, you can tell the judges know vocally he’s mediocre… why – because they used the word “Fun”. You’re fun means, “we want to keep you in the competition, but your singing was ropey”. He had a huge choreography routine, bright lighting etc etc and weak vocals. He’ll probably be OK – I’m giving him an AMBER because I keep tipping him to go!

Janet – Weaker performance for her (great version of Police’s tune). Love that the producers actually understood what this song is about – Sting admits it’s a sinister song, and she delivered it very well.   GREEN


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