X Factor Saturday Shambles – Round Up

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s events, as I see them, in this year’s pretty shambolic X Factor!

* The Risk are now going through ANOTHER CHANGE. I know! In an absurd twist, one of the guys in a band that has been manufactured TWICE has now decided to leave! In a truly crackpot decision, some guy called Ashley, who’s apparently one of the four said “I don’t believe my future lies in a boyband and it’s not fair on Charlie, Derry and Andy to remain in the band when I am not truly committed to it for the long term.”. Turning his back on 15 months of fame, a reasonable amount of money for turning up at Lincs FM’s “Party in the Nature Reserve”, being the face of Margate Council’s Energy Saving Campaign and a few one night stands with women probably a little too old for him, he’s clearly decided it’s time to do a ‘Robbie Williams’ and go it alone. Or probably more a ‘Siobhan from the Sugababes.’

* So what happens next…. You’ve guessed it…! Let’s get in one of the guys from failed, completely rejected, at war boyband Nu Vibe! In an utterly utterly shambolic decision, the now daily changing line up of the Risk, goes through it’s THIRD change during the series. We’re probably just a couple of weeks away from a new ITV2 show, where viewers have to replace one of the members each week, and at Christmas, one celebrity will be voted in, from Paul Danan, Brian Harvey, Jay from Geordie Shore and Brian from Coach Trip. How will this affect the betting, I’m not convinced the 14 year olds will care that much. But what a utter utter dogs dinner.

* Rhythmix generated some decent coverage after a charity complained they shared the same name. Let’s not bother to check the name the girls pick for their band. What would be the point? A four second check (on an up and coming site producers might like to note down… http://www.google.co.uk) shows Rhythmix is a charity – registered number 1125646. Understandably you can get a bit busy and such complex checks can be forgotten, especially when the site does come up second in Google’s Search Results. Shunning obvious choices like “NEW Rhythmix” or “Rhythmix X” their new name is “Little Mix“. Interesting decision – and my concern is that it all sounds a bit childish. Not happy for my 75-1 mega outsider bet.

* To add to the mess, Kelly Rowland is now sick. We all are now Kelly. She won’t be a judge this weekend. With Sinatta and Kate Thornton busy, Nicole Scherzinger, Simon’s supply teacher, could be blandly stepping in to help.

* In terms of press coverage, questions about how Johnny could be claiming disability benefit despite bravely dancing around, are on going. My hunch is it won’t affect the odds too much.

* The guy I like to write off each week, because eventually I will be right, Marcus, again looks decent value for elimination at 27-1. But, apparently he’s doing two tunes today, which will keep the interest up. Sounds like Craig might not be doing a ballad either, which is worrying!

My guess is Frankie will be given everything possible to get rid of him. My main reason, and this sounds strange, he swore during the live results show. Producers don’t want the risk of all the hassle that you get if he were to swear during a live show. As well as many other reasons (he’s not generated much PR this week etc), suggests he’s off. Currently 2.2 on Betfair.

My official bet and live blog will probably be back this evening, but I’m not sure yet. What a professional service, from the world’s greatest X Factor blog. Do comment away or contact me here.


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