WordPress is playing up – so I’m on this page – The rest of the acts that have performed are below…

Misha B – How to throw someone under a bus…. REPEAT THE ALLEGATIONS. And flash the word BULLY four times on the screen. They are trying to nuke this contestant. Zoom in on Tulisa looking pretty irritated and limply handclapping. I’m pretty confident that they don’t see Misha as the winner. Problem is she’s talented, so I’ll AMBER her, as I think she is 100% out of winning this competition.They make her look scary, admittedly in Halloween week. Not good at all.

Frankie – Randy lust crazed Frankie. Not a bad performance, but the “yeah…. he he he he – it’s me and a load of fit dancers on a bed he he he… I’m not prrraaaad of what I did on Sataarday naaght… but yeah know a guys gotta do what a guys gatta do he he he” probably won’t play well with the grandmas. Not bad at all, but women (the voters!) generally don’t like a player. They want someone solid, dependable and unlikely to cheat on you or attempt to bed you. Someone like Craig.  AMBER

*** FLASH *** This week’s bet – SOPHIE TO GO. 3.1 (Betfair)

Kitty – Made her look softer in this week’s VT. Gimmicks spinning on a Catherine Wheel, light bondage for the dads, a massive stage show and superb vocal. It was all good. Being in the bottom two last week, means fans will turn out and vote. She’ll be fine. Just like I said last week! GREEN.

Little Mix – After the cock up over their name, (see below), they get a decent draw. “We’re getting loads of support from girls and teenagers”. “They’ve got the same insecurities”. “I’m insecure”. “I’m so so so so so upset about being a bit big”. “Have you ever cried because you’re fat – well you have insecurities so you should vote for us”. Dodgy harmonies today – not surprising, since they were clearly pooing themselves on those swings…. terrible terrible song choice. Normally they give the girls a few extra backing vocals, but they made the raw vocals shine through, which wasn’t good. They’ll get away with it – AMBER. By the way, next week I’ll explain why I think they are still in the mix to make the top few.

Craig – Played the Scouse vote card very strongly. Great stage show, decent vocal. Last. GREEN.


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