Reflections on Sunday

So once again, Betsfactor calls it correctly and nets delighted punters TREBLE their cash. Overall, we’re up 3.5 points at the moment, and if you hedge the Little Mix bet now, you would be over SEVEN TIMES up.

A few things to note:

Misha would become the first person in X Factor ever to be in the bottom two at any point in the show, to go on and win it. No winner has EVER been in the bottom two. She’s ruled out in my book! I wasn’t overly surprised, you can read my thoughts in the live blog here.

Little Mix’s odds continue to slide – now 14/1 to win. We tipped them at 75/1, I got them as high as 90/1. As I will suggest later this week, 14/1 is still a reasonable price – I’m wondering if they have a chance…. I kind of think they do!

–  Sophie was really set up this week to go – again read why here.

– Marcus  looks a lot safer, with decent staging and comments for a couple of weeks now, also leading this week’s group song, just planting the idea he’s a lead contender in people’s minds.


More over the week.


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