Postbag – Why Johnny might win….

Time for another one from the Postbag. Contact me here if you want to say Hi. Obviously we get a monumental amount of e mail and so can’t possibly personally reply to every single one, but assure you we do read every letter that comes to us.

I do reckon this year’s X Factor is wide open. I don’t believe two of the three favourites will win it, Misha B and The Risk are not w0rth a punt in my eyes.

Here’s one of the hundreds of e mails we get each day, from Jamie – who reckons Johnny stands a great chance of winning.

You can write to us here. Your e mail will almost certainly end up on the blog, as we need all the half baked punditry we can get.

Hi Richard – love the blog.

People are saying JR is this years Wagner, but he’s not, he offers much more to the show. JR is not only likeable (unlike Wagner) but he can also sing (unlike Wagner) and has nailed the post song Dermot chat (unlike any other contestant). Yes he’s a novelty act and certainly not a chart act of any longevity, but he’s the best one (novelty performer) the show has had and this brings me to my next point.

The show has evolved and has turned into pure entertainment over talent. We’ve seen Jedward and Wagner make an increasing impact on the show in the last few years purely from a revolt vote, the RAGErs changed this show when Killing In The Name went to No.1, this must mean that he’ll at least wade further than they did and I question whether the quality of JR counterparts are as strong.

The show is apparently in ‘turmoil’ and there’s no ‘world class’ star (a term they are using less and less as they realise they won’t find one in 2011), I expect this years winner will be a ‘Leon/Joe’ where bosses are probably paying up the winners record contract the instant Dermot has said their name.

Last point, Britain loves an underdog, Johnny is the shows underdog as is his mentor, who more Barlow, Kelly and Tina from N-Dubz bicker and slate him may start to win the nations hearts, plus he’ll also reveal that he’s just found out JR is a 1/4 Irish in time for the semi-final.

Vote JR

Again, these all seem reasonable points. I’m not convinced that he will win it, as Cowell will probably try every trick in the book to stop him, but will still sign him to be this year’s Jedward – as you say.


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