Can the X Factor get any more shambolic?

After a desperate gamble to increase ratings with a double eviction, praying that none of the contestants would decide to walk, it’s all spectaularly backfired and now with the prospect of a dull two horse final, X Factor bosses have decided to muck around with the format AGAIN.

After changing the line up of “The Risk” eighteen times, they have now decided it would be a good idea to allow the public to vote in one of the acts that came 13th – 16th in the competition and they can be given a free ride into the final seven.

Which means Amelia, 2 Shoes (one of whom is probably practically in labour now), some one called Jonjo and someone called James Martin, James Michael, James Max or something are going to be voted IN to the competition. This, of course, affects the winners market and I wouldn’t be surprised if the winner of the vote in goes on to survive at least one week.

Bizarrely, the vote will take place before any live show, as the dogs dinner of 2011 continues. To be fair, any controversy is good for ratings, but they can only really pull these stunts once. If we see this much of a shambolic show next year, I think fatigue will set in. We’re British – we like fair play.

It’s a bit like overfishing the seas. ITV did this with¬†Millionaire. I remember Tarrant saying if it was on just once or twice a year, it would run for 100 years with huge ratings, instead they flogged their horse until the ratings died. I would say the same is happening with X Factor – they are overdoing the stunts for a quick ratings fix. Long term I think it’s harmful. But then any half baked commentator can write that and decide 18 years later that they were right!

It’s all very complicated and a great example of how taking prices on people at 1000-1 isn’t such a stupid idea some times, because rules change – especially on the X Factor where fair play is thrown out of the window in the desperate pursuit of ratings.


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