“Four acts we REALLY believed in” Week.

Fiddling with the format gets you a short term boost, but long term ratings decline (ask the Big Brother producers). This week it was time to complicate matters just a little more. It was important not to give out phone numbers during the show because we were voting for people who we wanted to vote back in, who were originally told they were going through to live shows, then eliminated. Of course already through was the boy who had been told he was out, but was reinstated as a different act and then sadly eliminated at the judges houses stage but then bought back as part of different boy band which then lost a member, so a guy (who had been eliminated as a solo artist but bought back as a part of another band which then got voted out) was reinstated and put as part of the other guy’s boy band, but then they all then got voted out.

A great little twist.

So we’re voting in and out this week.

This week’s bet – KITTY to be eliminated 1.6 (Betfair).

KITTY – When they wanted to nuke Sophie, do you remember what they did? No. Well pay attention; they made the campaign to vote for her look dire. Sophie was shipped off to a pub, where one friend was waiting to support her with a glass of coke. Oh look, they’ve done it again. This time one geeky looking, middle aged dad is wearing a sandwich board and pestering Cheltenham shoppers. I would hardly call Cheltenham a place with huge regional identity either.

They hung her out to dry with a fast song, and again few backing vocals and stuck her on first.

She starts crying when Misha sings “Born This Way”. Made her look insane because she can’t get her own way. The producers are DESPERATE to get rid of her this week. RED

CRAIG – On the negative, I’m a bit worried that he’s being given some pretty poor positions in the show’s running order. Difficult to say who the top man is in producers minds at the moment. Paparazzi isn’t really a song that suits being balladed up. Also a subliminal “pointing down arrow” as his necklace this week!

Positively, ” young Gary Barlow”, “This is what Craig’s record will sound like”, “he can sing anything”, “the best performance you have ever done”, “amazing night”, “Versitilty”, “Fantastic tonight”. He was ill but still managed to look like a friendly nice guy.

I like that Gary seems to put a lot of time into the boys, you don’t see Louis or Kelly working with their acts. He also seems to have some very very noisy fans in the audience, I think the audience reaction can sway the audience at home. GREEN

LITTLE MIX -Clever VT strategy this week, showing them how upset they were at the Risk going – putting into people’s minds that if they don’t vote, YOU – you the selfish British public will be making them cry. We don’t want a load of 18 year old girls in tears do we. No. So what’s that 0901 number?

Given a ropey slot as well after two incredible ones last time out. But who cares when they were again given outrageous support with the backing vocals. Harmonies are difficult to get right, but if you are only four voices out of, say 8, you can get away with it.

Great styling, bright staging, these girls can get their dancing right as well. I love Little Mix and I think they’re safe for another week…. Did I mention this site told you to back them at 75-1? GREEN 

The judges comments were pretty shaky, but they all pointed out (even Kelly) how good their vocals are.

JANET – This was a decent enough performance, but as I have been saying week after week, she won’t win. One trick pony. A great example of how you can give a decent performance and then get panned by judges that have finally read Betsfactor and realised she won’t win.

The key was a complete lack of defense from Kelly. She could have leap up and slated Gary Barlow, but instead meekly pointed out Janet had simplicity, in about ten words and then shut up. Negative press coverage and rumours of a rift with Kelly won’t help. Louis telling her she’ll be in the final, could be a clue that she is in the long term vision – but I’m not sure. I think the producers would like her gone, simply because there are 3 girls back in the competition. AMBER

MARCUS – Had a very very favourable VT. Loads of shots of girls asking for his autograph, comparisions with Bruno Mars, all combining to say to the audience “This guy’s a star”. My only concern is he’s coming across as a bit Ray Quinn. He came second, but didn’t win.

A strange big band performance of “another one bites the dust”, complete with a complete excess of woos, whoops, owww’s to hide the fact that the only person having fun is the person on stage. Not for me, but keeps the show interesting.  GREEN

MISHA B – Looks like she’s back in the producers minds with a terrific slot and a desperate bid to get the Manchester vote out. Remember, bottom two contestants never win the X Factor.

Last week she was softened with a family cry VT. This week it was regional vote time so with shots of trams, the MEN and the world’s greatest radio station being used – local support was the theme. Mike Toolan, who always wears a jacket hosting the breakfast show and plays at least one of Misha’s songs an hour, was used; along with someone who’d put a poster up in ASDA.

Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester. Misha is from Manchester. Manchester should pick up the MANCHESTER phone. Manchester.

“This songs for Manchester – I just want to make them proud”. As a Manc, I wasn’t. AMBER

AMELIA – was excellent. They didn’t exactly give her any help. No backing vocals, no gimmicks (this song would have been perfect for some gymnasts in white suits wearing masks). She had 48 hours to nail that and she did give a superb performance and I think she’s in a very very strong position going forward. The only problem is the sense of British fair play. It may well be forgotten in a couple of weeks. GREEN 



I think the producers would like a Misha, Craig or Marcus, Little Mix final. My guess tonight, and it’s only a guess, is that Janet will join Kitty in the bottom two, but it could be anyone. I’m just hoping it’s not the Mixettes, because that will completely screw up my hedge….


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