Sunday Reflections

* Other than a final moment to watch through your hands with producers shouting in Dermot’s ear “Get the ****ing mic back”, the results show went pretty much as predicted.  Kitty slumped off to a cruise ship career, Misha B slumped off to face another degrading week where she’ll be put in a VT with references to Oasis, Take That, Manchester United, Steve Coogan, Coronation Street, Simply Red and The Stone Roses and Louis slumped off, knowing if Cowell allows him back next year, it’ll be the groups again for him.

* In the Sunday Diremime, Janet and Craig were again (see M&S ad) given top slots. With Little Mix placed at the top of the stage – elevated!

* Camera shots of Janet looking hugely irritated at the end of Walking on Sunshine won’t have gone down well with producers…. She’s just a little too young, and imagine what she’d be like on a regional radio tour! Later in the week I’ll talk about why I’m concerned that she might actually be at an advantage with Amelia coming back. Backstage views on Janet?  “It was just an alright performance”… that was her mentor talking!

* Next week Little Mix will be doing a ballad which is both good and bad. Good because if it’s amazing, that’s it – they’ll make the final. Bad because ballads show off harmony problems. You can’t hide behind a backing track. It’s a big gamble. If it works, they’ve done it. As I’ll show on Wednesday, I reckon they’ll make the Top 5.

* Louis clearly loves Marcus. He was again given support at the top of the show VT with “You look like a popstar” and Louis was hugging him etc.

* There was one other key “1992” moment. Which I will reveal tomorrow. What a tease.


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