It’s the One Wot Won It?

When the Conservatives won the 1992 election, “It was the Sun Wot Won it” was a famous headline suggesting John Major felt the Sun’s support was crucial in turning round a small poll lead for Labour, at the last minute.

Tony Blair’s endorsement was sought, but never given, in US Presidential elections. Much was made when Simon Cowell gave a Sun interview and backed the Conservative Party, amusingly it didn’t work.

But no endorsement in voting history can be as huge as the one  given on Sunday night.

Teenieboppy boybland, One Direction, didn’t fudge the question and didn’t try and skirt round the issue.

They were clearly asked “Who are you backing?” and they clearly stated “Little Mix“.

This is a crucial crucial endorsement. Bigger than the Sun in 1992.


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