Fantasy Singoffs

There are fifteen possible sing offs. Who’d win each one on Saturday night. For a bit of fun, here’s one sentence of analysis for each possibility.

AMELIA vs CRAIG – Craig’s been a favourite for a long time. CRAIG SAVED.

AMELIA vs MARCUS – Marcus has also been a favourite for a long time – MARCUS SAVED.

AMELIA vs LITTLE MIX – No way they would throw LM under a bus. LITTLE MIX SAVED.

AMELIA vs JANET – Difficult. I think they’d take this to deadlock. Then it’s anyone’s guess.

AMELIA vs MISHA   – Tough one. By saving Misha it makes the show easier to predict for producers. Getting rid of Amelia looks unfair after two weeks. Would probably take it to deadlock, so the public appear to have decided – in which case….  AMELIA SAVED.

JANET vs MISHA – They will probably point out that Misha’s had too many chances. JANET SAVED.

JANET vs CRAIG – Janet’s been too surly. You could argue that the dream final would have three judges involved. But Kelly has too many acts in this scenario. CRAIG SAVED.

JANET vs MARCUS – Again, they’d ditch one of Kelly’s acts. MARCUS SAVED.

JANET vs LITTLE MIX – LM are the producers favourites, Janet’s stock is falling. LITTLE MIX SAVED.




Now the tough ones….

CRAIG vs MARCUS  – This just won’t happen! If it did, I think they’d deadlock it.

CRAIG vs LITTLE MIX – I honestly think they would sacrifice Craig in this situation. That way Gary has an act in the competition, Liverpool have one clear guy to get behind etc.

MARCUS vs LITTLE MIX – Hmmmmm!  Again, I’ll go with Marcus going, for the reasons above.


As you can see, the only act that I think would make it through ALL five singoff possibilities as Little Mix. Hence last night’s bet… Their price continues to race in.


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