Little Mix – Deal or No Deal

If you can’t be bothered getting your head around hedging here’s a more simplistic Noel Edmonds explaination. I have a box with either £850 in or £0. If Little Mix win, I get £850. If they lose I get nothing. At the moment the banker is offering £130 to stop the bet.

Deal or No Deal?


– It’s risky, there are only six acts left, once one falls into the bottom two, they are toast and the odds will reflect that. I have little doubt the Mixettes will be saved this week, but an indication of poor support is like losing the £100,000 and £250,000 box. The next offer will be much smaller.

– Could teenage support have switched to Amelia, with her silly hair and being a teenager could make her more relatable.

– Do people just think they are safe now?

– Groups never, ever, win the X Factor. From G4 to JLS to One Direction. They go on to have amazing careers, but don’t actually win the thing. It’s because they’re harder for the punters to relate to.

– The ballad they’re doing could really expose their harmonies this week. Kelly Rowland has banged on about how they aren’t tight enough on several occasions. She might sense blood this week….

No Deal:

– The producers have been pushing these girls in a major major way. They will want them to make the final to make it interesting. Backing vocals have been ramped up, regional votes pushed etc.

– If the producers wanted a group to win, this is the series to do it. The rest of the field is all over the place and none of the finalists have seized the moment and blown everyone else out of the water. If it’s wide open, then this would be an ideal year to push a group and have a group win it.

– They are more relatable this year, with Jessiefatgate and Misha B-ully allegedly being less than pleasant back stage means they have attracted a lot of sympathy.

– I’ve given countless reasons why they will do well, which I won’t repeat. You can read the pieces earlier in the series on here.

– The name Little Mix is actually pretty clever the more I think about it. It’s humble, it’s accessible, it’s appealing.

– They are doing a ballad this week, and you assume that they are going to be put last and given a chance to shine. If they nail it, they’re in the final. It’s so so so so so so important they do!

Have a watch of this, I think they’ll be fine…!

My Decision

…. And the advice of this site…

No Deal.  Stick. Even if they end up in the bottom two, they are very very likely to survive. All the acts – ALL the acts are disposable as I showed yesterday. The only act that isn’t, in terms of a decent final, is Little Mix. Get rid of Janet or Craig and no one cares because you have a reasonable replacement on the bench. You can’t say that about Little Mix.


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