Saturday Preview – “rifts” and “dating”

Three things to whet your appetite.

1. Craig is supposedly “dating” Danyl Johnson. Remember him?  (The Sun)

2. Here’s the latest Yougov survey into who’s going to win. Sample size seems small and remember, this  isn’t necessarily who VOTES. (Yougov). We could do a whole article analysing this data, but we won’t! Except to say to the obvious point “yeah yeah, but look at the male / female spilt. Do men vote? No.”

3. This “rift” with Kelly is supposedly healed. But remember Kelly hardly fell over herself to defend Janet last week? (Mirror)

Favourite to go – MISHA – by a mile. (2.76 – Betfair). Interesting, the market reckons Little Mix will be in the bottom two, but the market is convinced they will be saved.

LOADS to come over the next twelve hours:

1pm – Why ANYONE could win it.

3pm – I’ll reveal my predicted running order. I mean, surely you’re going to set your alarm to make sure you see that article?

5pm – Betting on the phrase that pays!

8pm – Betsfactor LIVE Blog – the blog that so far has QUADRUPLED your money and if you hedged the Little Mix bet would have increased it by about 1600% rolls on.


11am Sunday – This week’s bet and why we made it.

11am Monday – Reflections on Sunday.


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