The Phrase that Pays….

This year it’s very difficult to predict a winner of the X Factor. Very difficult at this stage. That’s because all six of the remaining acts are staggeringly average. The very definition of mediocre. Rather like that Jai guy who won Britain’s Got Talent, none scream “fifth album” and that’s why references to “million pound recording contract” have been ditched, in favour of a guaranteed slot in an advert for bras and scarfs and a chance to do two songs in the Liverpool Echo Arena.


To liven up your evening, you might fancy a small (small) flutter on one of these ridiculous bets. Coral are offering tonight. You can bet on which phrases the judges might say, the only problem is they have to say them exactly as quoted to win the cash.

My top three:


#3 * Kelly to mention she has “three acts left” (Evens – Coral)


#2 * I like the look of Louis to say “I think you’ll be in the final / last 3” at (5/2 – Coral). Louis frequently uses this as a “ramping” technique and also rarely has anything original to say.

But at


#1 * Dermot to say “mixed feedback/reaction from the judges”. (6/4 – Coral)


In my head he says that about three times a show! Also

* Any judge to cry on Saturday 7/1. They are more likely to cry on Sunday when an act goes, but 7/1 looks good value.


I’ve not backed any of these myself, but if you’re watching the X with friends tonight (as I am), then these might liven things up a bit!



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