Remember, you need to click on the logo to refresh and every few minutes you will get my latest thoughts on who’s safe and who’s off…. RED is in serious danger of going. AMBER is Hmmmmmmmmmm. GREEN is safe and through to next week.

Here’s what they are singing this week…. Not sure if this is the correct order…

The only two acts with very familiar songs in my opinion are MARCUS and MISHA. The other four have tunes that aren’t quite as huge. AMELIA has been given a dire song choice and if they decide to lose the backing vocals she could be toast quite quickly….

Little Mix – Don’t Let Go, from Set It Off (En Vogue – worrying that they are doing this – won’t play well with the younger vote, still slow ballad….)

Marcus Collins – Higher And Higher, from Ghostbusters II (Jackie Wilson – he’ll nail this!)

Misha B – I Have Nothing, from The Bodyguard (Dangerous – comparisons to Whitney)

Janet Devlin – Kiss Me, from She’s All That (Sixpence None The Richer – She’ll be fine with this).

Amelia Lily – Think, from Bridget Jones (Very strange song choice – are they trying to nuke her this week?)

Craig Colton – License To Kill, from James Bond: License To Kill (Interesting song choice, again not that popular)

… and we’re live….

Remember, these are my FIRST thoughts. I will write a more thoughtful piece later!

CRAIG – I wonder if the judges might have been tipped off to be negative towards Craig. Kelly seemed to change her mind midway through the critique! “I’m sorry about that” from Gary wasn’t a great thing to say either. The negativity was outrageous considering how well he did. If you get a massive string quartet and a huge amount of staging you should be safe. The judges were very very unkind – he absolutely nailed that performance. The VT was interesting,  “He delivers week after week”, made him look very humble. “So thankful to be here”, they also focused on the X Factor tour rather than how great he is. Kirkby isn’t really “Liverpool” which makes me wonder whether he’s being thrown under the bus…. AMBER. Very AMBER.

JANET – Lee’s look at the subliminal messages in the first 30 seconds!! of the VT. Boring. Bore. (even BOREdering on BORING), I’m not your stereotypical pop artist. (Great we don’t want a pop artist winning X Factor do we!?), “I’ve nothing against pop music”, “I have strong ideas about what I want”, “I’m not boring“. All of this was in the first THIRTY SECONDS of the performance!! Styling Janet is “tricky”, (ie she’s bolshy). Kelly “It doesn’t mean <pause> she’s boring“. Message from the VT  – Janet is a really interesting and exciting contestant who you should vote for. Given an OK song, but didn’t deliver. The judges were kind to her which makes me wonder if they were deliberately kind of “lukewarmly kind” so that people don’t bother voting…? I think she’s in real danger after that performance….  RED

AMELIA – Given a shorter VT in my opinion, (than say Craig). Given a decent Aretha song, but hardly a blockbuster. Everything about that performance said “star”. Did Kelly give Janet a standing ovation?! Cowell’s puppy wheeled out “the next big UK female popstar” and “can all the way”, “she can win the competition”, “she can go all the way”, which is huge praise and suggests that the producers want Amelia over Janet! She’s fine. GREEN

MISHA B – When I give lectures in “X Factor Theory” at Stockport University I always remind my students of the first lesson – “Tears equal ratings”.  They really really really want her in the final. Piano music, a very unpleasant situation for her with her birth mum suddenly deciding she’s interested in a relationship with her. Kelly can relate to it, hugs from Kelly, tears, more tears, then more hugs, more tears from Kelly, emotional music, “you’re a  star”. Finally. Finally they have managed to soften her…. And just in time for the top 5. I honestly think that VT will save her. Sings a song everyone’s heard of, “don’t walk away from me” and so on, you can vaguely relate to the story. Much as it completely screws up my bet, I think she’s safe. Grrrrrrrrrr. Louis uses the magic M word again. Tulisa uses it as well. Gary was rather bitchy with hidden messages like… “No one’s voting for you”, “I feel like you’re trying to win votes”, “Go out with your integrity”. GREEN

LITTLE MIX –This week’s it’s all about celebrity endorsement. David Walliams was clearly given two tickets on the condition he backed the Mixes, Taylor Lautner, who watches the show each week, and also watches ITV2 with Olly Murs, thought long and hard about about his views and was keen to tell the cameras that he loved them.One Direction did it last week and the Saturdays’ endorsement was much much better than the forced JLS one for The Risk.  The level of backing vocals was outrageous once again, it’s so so clear that they wanted for the final. Blondie (best singer) lead the vocals and any harmony issues were completely drowned out by the other fifteeen backing singers. Louis wheels out “the next big girl band in the UK” (not Europe or the world). “The best girl band to come out of the UK”, (Destiny’s Child are from the states everyone – and the Spice Girls weren’t that great were they). They are so GREEN it’s untrue. It’s outrageous how much help the producers have given them…

MARCUS – Craig has ‘Kirkby’ behind him, Marcus has ‘Liverpool’ behind him…. Who do you think the producers have decided to back. To be fair Craig got a huge string orchestra, but Marcus gets a 450 piece choir (448 of which can’t dance in time). Other than the pink jacket and thanks to Rebecca Ferguson who really changed his life and “really picked me up as an artist, I feel I know where I am now”, everything else was hugely positive for Marcus. The staging was so ridiculous it made him look like Jesus. (As I’ll show in a few minutes). GREEN

So what’s going to happen? I’ll tell you in a little while….


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