We’re now 400% up. Staggering.

Deadlock Happened (WIN), but my tip that for weeks looked so good, Craig to win the show, is up in red flames on a black background. As you’ll read here and here, the producers turned on him suddenly like rabid rottweilers.

Who cares when that 75-1 MEGA TIP is still on.

I haven’t seen the show, I’m currently zooming up the West Coast Main Line – so reaction will be published by 11am tomorrow.

Coming Up:

– MONDAY – Reflections on Sunday.

– TUESDAY – The one killer clue I missed and I’m ashamed I missed.

– WEDNESDAY – The old autumn chestnut “When do we hedge Little Mix”?



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  1. Hi,
    Loving the website. Came here via Sofabet.
    Little dubious about the 400% up though!
    You’re plus 4 points (from settled bets) but given you’ve staked 7.5 points to win that, aren’t you nearer 50% up?
    Still very successful though and way better (and more fun than a bank).
    Plus way better than I’ve managed!
    Look forward to future posts.

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