Red AND Black. The wheel lands on Craig.

We all know Red or Black was a bit of a disaster for ITV1. Risking a million pounds a night on a series gradually ditching  randomly selected contestants and hoping they provide interesting television, was a huge risk and didn’t pay off.

The X Factor works in a similar vein, although this time the prize is down from a £1m recording contract to one worth eighteen grand.

The X Factor Producers have decided to pay homage to Red or Black and have their own version. Red AND Black. If the spinning graphics wheel lands on Red and Black, you’re going home…

Don’t believe me, why not have a look at a few of these recent examples….

Or the last half of this one…

Or my favourite crystal clear “screw her over this week” example:

Now what have all those performances got in common?

When they want a contestant gone, as well as a bad song choice, a manufactured judges argument to take away from the fact that the performance wasn’t that bad, deciding you are no longer from a huge city, but from the small town of Kirkby… they give you dingy red and black graphics.

Who was given the Red AND Black treatment this week…?

Craig also got the classic “song choice” argument treatment.

Now, everyone else seems convinced they want Craig out this week. I’m only 80% convinced of that, as his VT was far more sympathetic than it could have been. He was also given a huge string orchestera (well 8 people!). My view is they “won’t mind” if he goes. They know Misha B is not liked especially, they’ve again tried to soften her in a major way, but they can be pretty confident she’ll be towards the bottom of the pile. She might avoid the bottom two altogether this week after a very very strong heartwarming and emotive piece before her song.

Nothing much has happened in the last seven days, so they could do with a “shock”.

In my view there are three possible combinations for a sing off:

MISHA B vs JANET. DEADLOCK. The judges want to save Misha, so by taking it to deadlock it looks like the public decided, not them.

MISHA B vs CRAIG. DEADLOCK. Again, based on the very very sympathetic VT’s Misha has been given, they just clearly want her to progress. Credibility wise, they can’t be seen to be saving her again, so deadlock it and hope for the best. Craig being given the Red and Black treatment suggests he’s expendable.

JANET vs CRAIG. Harder to guess this one, my hunch is they’d take the chance to get rid of Janet, but again, the use of Deadlock would help make it look like a public decision.

I can’t tell who’s going this week. I think Craig is being written off too cheaply, because his’ VT wasn’t THAT bad, whereas Janet’s was dire. This happened when the Risk went, no one spotted just how bad their VT was and despite assumptions of support they just vanished without trace. Don’t rule this out with Janet this week.

Given I have to provide a bet each week here’s what I’m going for.

This week’s bet – ONE POINT ON – DEADLOCK to happen this week. Ladbrokes 7/5.
HALF A POINT ON – Janet to go. (9/2 – William Hill) – This is just decent value in my view, especially after the Risk shock.

You should take from this article that “I don’t know” who’s going this week. I think the public pushed candidate is Misha B, but the producers don’t agree, the producer pushed candidates are Craig and Janet, but the public don’t agree.

They want to save Misha B – the only way they can with credibility is via Deadlock from now on. So they need a candidate who can take that bottom slot. Craig or Janet are the two they want in there with her and they will be praying the softening VT does enough to get Misha at least fifth place.

If Janet sinks into the bottom two against Misha B – Kelly will go with Misha B, Louis will go with Janet, the other two… I’d say Gary should go with Misha B, which means we have deadlock or we have Janet going, if Tulisa so decides.

This is FAR FAR closer to call than people are suggesting. Craig is NOT a dead cert to go tonight, but is “most likely”. Just like Marcus with his mammoth choir, Little Mix with their absurd backing vocal help, Craig had a red and black coloured kitchen sink thrown at him to get him in the bottom two.

It could be anyone of Craig, Janet or Misha going tonight. I’m not calling it!

But deadlock looks  likely.

As does ITV’s new elimination gameshow, Red AND Black getting another showing soon.


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