Sunday Reflections

Well, the act that I thought would win, suddenly got the full force of the producers dirty tricks thrown at him. I suspect there was one two hour period that lost it for him. As I’ll explain tomorrow, there was a key reason I missed, as to why Craig was thrown under a bus and then a JCB and then a steamroller. It rang a little alarm bell for me the week before last, but I ignored it.  More on that tomorrow.

It’s pretty outrageous that someone as talented as Craig could get the full Sophie Habisis treatment, but this is the cruel world of showbiz. Just so you know. I stood to win £7 if Craig won the entire competition. I stand to win £850 if Little Mix do. So you can see where my head is at! Since week one, I’ve been topping up on Little Mix and not on Craig. Backtracking out of the way, up until Saturday, I still felt he was in with a shout of winning.


Here are a few notes from Sunday. There was very little that happened of note to punters.

* Only person to be shown negatively in the top of the show VT? Craig.

* First time in goodness knows how many shows that the word “popstar” has not been liberally used when Marcus is on the screen.

* Little Mix didn’t sound great in “Baby When You’re Gone”. Given that the whole thing is badly mimed, you would have thought they would tighten the vocals.

* Marcus‘ overacting is grating on me. He’s too West End for my liking.

* Expect to see the man running across the set with a guitar to make Harry Hill next week.

* Rhianna can sing live.

* Great to see 75-1 tip Little Mix safe. They’ve got the “surprised scream dance” down to a tee.

Tomorrow – 12 Noon – Lessons for 2012. #1. Elephants Don’t Forget.



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