Lessons for 2012 #1. Bolshy = Bye Bye

Lessons for 2012.

#1 – Contestants that threaten to leave will be ruthlessly, quietly and efficiently punished.

I keep saying how Sofabet is a site about forty to fifty times better than this one. One of their main writers here, pointed out after the “why are they throwing Craig under a bus” article,

“it was reported in the tabloids last weekend that Craig had packed his bags and said his goodbyes and it needed Gary to come back and talk him into staying.”

This is a crucial point I’m ashamed I didn’t spot. I read this allegation as well and an alarm bell rang in my head. You should never ignore an alarm bell, but I did. I felt happy to have backed him at the beginning and all was going swimmingly for my two tips to make the final. Then suddenly things changed so dramatically that the show just turned on him, with every trick in the book on Saturday to bin him. Why the sudden change of heart?

When I read this article I was surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the VT the week before last. So I just decided it was overexaggerated tittle tattle, to pad out the annual “Louis – I Quit” article and that he’d actually just gone to get a packet of chewing gum from Londis. So many of these stories are drivel, contestants storming out (they left the room because they needed the toilet), contestants dating (they sat next to each other one lunchtime), contestants at war (one asked another where their hairstraighters were). So I discounted it, despite that ringing bell.

If, and it’s a massive if, if there was any truth in that story, no one likes being held to ransom. Especially not a publicly listed FTSE 100 company, by a random 23 year old from Liverpool (Kirkby).

ITV couldn’t afford having another contestant going. That would have meant yet another “twist”, NJ and Peto from the Risk would have to be fused with the pregnant one from Two Shoes to form a unique group called “Queue Jumpers”, parachuted in to the semi finals to “shake the competition up”. A £500 donation would be made to charity for no apparent reason.

They needed to clamp down on any contestant at risk of wobbling, or saying “OK – it’s my way or I leave”. Normally, they have enough people left in the competition to be able to say to any contestant – “Ok, Bye”. But after 2011 being the year of the shambles, they’d already had a double elimination twist, meaning they lost their power and their last throw of the dice “bring someone back” meant they’d exhausted all possible twists (the whole show looks exhausted). Two weeks ago, the contestants had the power and (IF this story is accurate) maybe Craig kind of subconsciously knew that. The producers, in a first for 2011, dealt with the problem efficiently. Make sure he stays, keep him happy, when it’s died down get rid of him.

Elephants don’t forget. The producers simply ran that weeks’ show as normal and then quietly and ruthlessly get rid of him. The way Craig was binned was very calculated, very ruthless and very sudden.

I wonder if Janet, who has also been the subject of stories about her backstage attitude, was being softened up in her Saturday VT as well. Do you remember just how many references to the word “boring” there were? In a similar way to their cock up over Bullygate (trying to backtrack, but repeating the allegations in next week’s VT, meaning Misha still hit the bottom two), if they were trying to save Janet, having a VT about her moving away from being boring, just tells the punters, she’s boring!

Could Janet be next? Probably not in my view, but for 2012 let’s keep an eye on any “threatened to leave” stories; and if you hear an alarm, act.


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