From 90-1 outsiders to overnight 2-1 FAVOURITES. How Little Mix did it….

So this site has been banging the Little Mix drum since show one. We made two predictions, Craig to win (er..), and Little Mix to outperform expectations. Throughout the series we’ve clearly suggested  one (or two occasionally) bets a week and watched to see how we’ve done. And we’ve done very well.

On Little Mix we got an average price of 85-1, and recommended them to our 6 billion potential readers at 75-1.

To my delight, overnight, they have become FAVOURITES TO WIN 

So how the hell has a girlband gone favourite to win the show?

Let’s have a little look at their first live performance…

When I first saw live this I was blown away. At times the harmonies were all over the place, but equally they got it right some of the time, so they could be worked with. Ie they had talent, they just had to be molded.  I could tell that the producers had finally learnt a number of key lessons:

1. Cheap sluts don’t win family TV shows. These girls were styled in bizarre urban outifts that a 31 year old guy who shops at Marks and Spencers couldn’t understand. Not in cheap dresses showing at least two inches of cleavage, gaining lazy column inches for two weeks, but ultimately destroying any chance of progressing.

2. Contemporary means NOW. Not what was big two years ago. As I’ll explain in a bit, the rapping has been toned right down, but by having a bit of rap in the early stages mixed with harmonies to begin with, it established them as very urban, very current and very “of the moment”.

Week Two still more superb harmonies and an opportunity to prove they can all sing….

Two more points became apparent:

3. Take Direction – We want acts who can take direction. These girls didn’t make any cock ups – they got the dance moves correct, everyone knows when they sing their solo.  Boybland One Direction were named for this exact reason.

4. Ramped up backing vocals – This was the first week where the producers showed their true colours and I felt that it was game on. Listen to how ridiculously the backing vocals are ramped up in that (excellent) performance. After week one, the producers decided to back them. Odds start to tumble.

Week Three

5. One of them can REALLY sing. Acts like the Saturdays and Girls Aloud might have ever so slightly “stonger” vocalists in the group. A great example in that video towards the end. Odds continue to tumble.

Week Four

6. Make them relatable. By changing the name from Rhythmix to Little Mix, suddenly they seem humbler. People like humility. “We’re just a little act that you could help…” Call something BIG and you’re telling people it’s amazing and already established. Call something LITTLE and you want to help it, it appears more humble.

7. Make them even more relatable. Few women are truly happy with their way their body looks. The VT in this week about Jessy and the outrageous comments she was getting about her supposed large size was designed to make them look even more humble and relatable. This was another turning point, as we felt we truly ‘knew’ one of the members. Someone many many people could relate to. Boom.  Odds continue to tumble.

You’ll also notice they got their dance moves spot on again, not an easy one to pull of that (says Mr Choreography expert).

We’ll have more on this tomorrow, as I think that’s enough for the time being!

The question that has been troubling me has always been… when to recommend, to my already blown away readers, to hedge the Little Mix bet. We suggested taking them at 75-1. The intention was always to hedge this bet when the odds came on. But we’ve held our nerve. So far.

Here were some reasons to back them from week one.

Then a dilemma – we made the correct call.

then my first prediction that they could win it!

Then my new generation piece.

Right now Mr Banker….. I think it’s still…. NO DEAL. More on this tomorrow.


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  1. My concern is whether the producers can keep the momentum going for another 3 weeks.

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