How Little Mix raced from 90-1 to 2-1 FAVOURITES – Part Two

Have a read of the post below and you’ll see me continously pointing out that this site advised taking Little Mix at 75-1. They are now 2-1. Hedging would make you 25 times your money. A stake of just £4,000,000.00 would now mean you were in the Sunday Times Rich List thanks to this site with £100m. Please don’t thank me though. Please.

Before we go any further, the miseryguts at  Sofabet are providing a different opinion and you would be advised to read their well written and intelligent alternative view. Their analysis is always honest, fair and frank when they get it wrong, this is their line and it’s just not one I agree with. Nonetheless read both articles for some good old balance.

I should state, I’ve still not decided if they will win (I’m going for Craig!) and I am toying with a mini hedge… But I think writing them off is utter madness.

Week Five

In my view this was a terrible performance. And I was very worried, basically they chose a song that was just too low for them (great musical analysis there). But this was all masked with….

8. Find niches that appear niches but aren’t niches. This was the week of a ridiculous regional VT, where they tried to make people in High Wycombe and the North East vote. Tulisa tried pleading for the minority group “all women out there” to pick up the phone and that coupled with week four’s relatable “Jesy weight VT” gave another ‘niche’ group, people who have, on occasion, overeaten, the opportunity to feel these girls represented them. Don’t agree? Have a look at this on Mail Online. It’s a simple piece of publicity from yesterday about them being at some awards do. Click the “best rated comments”. What are the top five comments saying completely unprovoked by the story? What is still front of mind in viewers minds… Sympathy!

Week Six

9. If no one’s seizing the moment, back the act that helps you get a few more series – By week six the acts were so average, it was anyone’s game. Amelia stepped up and delivered a great performance at the end, but the fact that they had to bring back an act to deliver something stunning shows where we’re at now. Craig’s Paparazzi was OK,  Janet was dull, Marcus had a bad week, Misha B was given a strange arrangement. Suddenly you realise this is anybody’s to win. Anybody means Little Mix as well. Given no group has ever won X Factor – this is a once in a generation chance to have a group win it. And never mind that, a GIRL GROUP! The producers have realised that and are giving it their best shot. If no one from a girl group does well for a few more years, they can always point to “well Little Mix did it, so it’s perfectly possible”.

Week Seven

10. Remind people they can sing, but help them along!  By using a ballad (although rather aggressively sung!) they can demonstrate their vocals. As a special treat they dipped the backing vocals a couple of times, to prove they could harmonise and most of them were given a moment in the spotlight, even if it was just for a “whooa”. Let’s be quite honest about it, the backing vocals are now so high, you wonder whether at times they could get away with just miming. Which would be good practise for the rest of their career. Bizarrely, these girls have 60,000 more views on Youtube over anyone else this week. The Digital Spy poll, also shows a whopping level of support, despite Marcus’s performance.

Add to this:

The public like to create their own narrative. Look at Chantelle winning Celeb Big Brother or Jordan’s 98 challenges in a row on I’m a Celebrity. The public like being in control and making their own storylines. I think the storyline a lot of people would like is “Nice normal girlband defy the odds and win the X Factor even though everyone, apart from world class experts at, said they wouldn’t make it past week three”.

No negativity. We haven’t seen a whiff of negativity about these girls. No one’s mentioned a thing about them not getting on, or not working hard – they come across as nice decent people.

Say NO to Bullying. Allegations from Tulisa of them being bullied backstage by a Manc yob and Jesy being slagged off on Twitter because she’s not a size 8 are actually great for them. We, the Great British Public,  like to stand up for the victims.

Plenty of late slots – As time’s gone on, the girls have had plenty of help with later slots in the show, which traditionally tend to attract more votes.

– The One Direction Moment – See here.

– Stacks of other celebs backing the Mixettes – Dermot called him “Little Mix fan David Walliams”, and then asked David who he was backing. David said “Little Mix”. An American actor from the Twilight was a massive fan(!) etc etc. We get the idea that the whole country is starting to back these underdogs….

and that my friends, is the story of how Little Mix went from 90-1 outsiders to favourites to win the show.

Will they win it or should we hedge…? I’ve not decided.

Coming up:

* The Alternative Vote and the X Factor. Does Ed Miliband’s victory teach us anything about tacky ITV1 reality TV shows.

* SATURDAY – LIVE BLOGGING =CONFIRMED= I’ll be live giving you my thoughts and maybe even a weekly bet during the show.

* Postbag. Getting lots of stuff in, contact me here if you’ve got any comments, opinions or abuse.


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