Last Night’s Live Blog

Last Night’s Live Blog.

For people who missed it, watching on Sky Plus or watching on Sunday afternoon, here’s last night’s Live blog…..

It’s 7:30 and here come hours of endless, poorly thought through analysis, constantly changing my mind and worrying about the Little Mix bet.

Some key points for new readers:

1. YOU NEED TO CLICK REFRESH every few minutes. This is a circa 2002 blog, so you need to hit the BETSFACTOR logo at the top of the screen. Again and again, every time you want your fix of my thoughts.

2. Traffic Lights – We (we?) use a superb and innovative traffic light system. RED and they’re in serious danger. Amber is a “Hmmmm… Worrying…” (like getting an amber saturated fat warning on a packet of cheap crisps, you ignore it, but long term it’s not good). Green is a “safely through to next week”. Given there are two performances, these will completely contradict each other and we’ll have all five as as safe and also going home.

3. Rashes – This is all written in a rash, hurried fashion. Thoughtful analysis will follow later, or tomorrow morning, when I have had time to meditate on the issues raised. So just because I say one thing now, doesn’t mean I won’t completely change my mind tomorrow. There will also be even more typos than usual.

4. On the Fly Tipping – Live tips do happen. In the Sophie week, we timed it perfectly. I doubt a single person is idiotic enough to follow my tips, but if you are, watch out, they could come at any time (75-1 down to 2-1 and 400% up – who’s stupid now?!).

5. Hedge Trimming. After much soul searching, I am not ruling out hedging part of the Little Mix bet at any moment from now on. I think I am going to hedge about 24 of the 75 Little Mix points, guaranteeing this site ends in profit (and can brag about it until after the Olympics). Then leave the other 50 points for the time being.

6. Contact me here In an exciting new development, we will be embracing user generated content this week, so if you have any abuse or ill thought through comment/opinion, just fire it through and I might stick it on.

7. Please hit REFRESH often. It’s the only way you’ll get everything.

So I can now reveal….

Amelia – China in Your Hand- TPau (big power 80’s ballad). Since You’ve Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson (Hmmm. I suspect this will be poor). Song’s she’s been dealt: 4/10.

Janet – Mmmbop – Hansen and Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chillis. Pretty terrible dull choices for her. Songs she’s been dealt: 2/10.

Little Mix – Baby (not sure on artist, my guess Justin Bieber) and Beautiful (Presumably Christina A). If they get Beautiful nailed on and whack it with some sort of Jesy Bully VT they are sailing through. Worried about ‘Baby’, but beautiful could be good, if they can make it there own and ramp those backing vocals up. Songs they’ve been dealt: 6.5/10

Marcus – I’m Your Man – Wham Lately (Stevie Wonder presumably over Samatha Mumba and Lisa Scott Lee!). He could struggle with the speed of I’m Your Man, but Lately could be a really really big moment for him. Songs he’s been dealt: 7.5/10.

Misha – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper and Killing Me Softly – Fugees. Cyndi L is a dangerous one, as she’ll have to look like she’s having fun, but she will nail Fugees – absolutely perfect for her voice. Songs she’s been dealt – 7/10.
Based purely on this, and remember points 1, 3 and 7, I’d say Janet and Amelia are in trouble tonight. They are AGAIN pushing Misha and making Janet look dull, will the public play ball…? We’ll have to see.

Standby Britain.

= LIVE =

They are definitely doing all they can to keep Misha in this competition at least another week…. That thing right at the top of the show where she talked about “no one can get me when I am on stage” yadda yadda. Vunerable and humble is what they want to go for tonight!

Oh no! Little Mix are starting! This song is being buried in the Strictly slot, but don’t get too worried about this! They could be burying the crap song so that all we remember is their performance of Beautiful….

Great harmonies…. Very worried that they didn’t give any backing vocals support until towards the end. Personally I thought that was an excellent excellent performance. Two worrying problems there. The judges were very unkind AND they were given little backing vocal help until about two thirds down. Thrown under the Strictly bus. Hmmmmmmmm. They were allowed two songs, given decent staging…. Equally they weren’t allowed a song into a break and they had Janet on after them… Not sure. Just not sure, but not happy! AMBER

Janet – BOOM! That was incredibly dire…. The very definition of dire. Hilariously Kelly’s clapping just looked lukewarm. In a way I’m pretty pleased because AGAIN she looks really really dull against the Mixettes… There was a CLEAR CLEAR decision by the producers to linger on Tulisa’s horrified face. The only worry is the Janet’s feeling sick sympathy line. With Janet puking backstage “Do you think you can pull it out of the bag?” says Dermot. RED

Misha B – Misha’s going to start to focus on her happiness. Surely, you the Great British Public don’t want to stop that journey. Don’t forget the Misha B Dream Academy as well by the way! Well, she’s the one with raw talent…. Some reference to Ready Salted Crisps in her rap, always good to stick that in. Hi to the producers who are clearly readers of this blog, sticking a little bit of Red and Black in there just to amuse the readers of Sofabet and Betsfactor after I wrote this last week. You only showed a little flash of it you cheeky scamps. GREEN

Amusing tweet from @euanmcmorrow “Right now, someone in Wembley is struggling to find a highlight of Janet’s performance to put on the end of the show recap.”

Marcus – Do you want to let down Gary Barlow…? Did you know that Marcus is a scouser? Do you think “woooo, here we go… sing it with me….” puts you in a party mood? Wooooooooooo. Yeah. Noooooooo. Wooooooooah. Yeah. Woooooo…… Nice long note. Yeah. Woooooooooooooo. Here we go…. Wooooo. I’m going to dance on the judges desk because I’m having such a great time. Unfortunately this got Louis dancing in his seat. Yeah. Wooooo. GREEN. Yeah. Let’s just relive Tulisa’s wise words. “You just… you do it to me every time… the best bit about that song was you start off in the beginning going mmmm where’s it going… do I like it, do I not and by the end YOU BUILD IT and it builds up, it’s a journey its starts from here and it goes all the way up”. Er. Wooo. Yeah.

Chris writes “Little Mix are mediocre but Janet v poor. Your lot might make it another week”. if you want to e mail and join the millions of people getting involved with Betsfactor Live.

Amelia – She’s about to shut the building down. Remember this post…? Or this post? (read the bit about Kitty) Well what happened here this week? It’s that old chestnut the “show they’ve got crap local support”. Amelia was hung out to dry with ANOTHER loudspeaker man! Kitty’s dad was yelling at grandmas outside Phones4U in Cheltenham and now some man in a pink skintight jumpsuit is doing the same… Add another very clever moment in the VT – Kelly saying “she’ll be absolutely fine” – message “don’t bother picking up the phone, because she’s got a few posters up in Teeside which should pretty much see her through….” Louis believes that could be a number one single…. The judges talking her up in a big way could be for two reasons, either to make everyone feel that she’s safe or because they geniunely are delighted. Gary did something very clever if we’re talking conspiracy theories – “reminding people of her journey”. Yeah, reminding people how unfair it all is! AMBER


I think Marcus has survived a bullet with Wham. He will be the clear favourite tonight, because he will nail the Stevie Wonder tune…

Little Mix – Here was that “insecure about yourself” VT I promised you. Let’s push that weight thing again…. And let’s start to cry. My theory is they are way ahead in the voting, so this week they are getting the dodgy slot, so they can be on last next week. Jesy does have a habit of overacting, but decent harmonies again. Stripped back but my concern was the comparisons with Christina and one or two duff notes…. I was begging for some tears…. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. TEARS! Vote winning tears. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Very very surprised that Kelly backed them this week. GREEN

Janet – Drip drop drip drop…. “obscure”, “Brendan”, “odd”, “alternative music tastes”, “the real Janet Devlin”.

Well what colours did we notice there everybody. Come on. RED

This week’s bet – JANET TO GO (Betfair 1.97)

Misha – I kind of feel nothing else matters anymore. The producers have 100% shown their hand. She “works hard”, “best ever week – you nailed it”, Gary gave it a lukewarm reception. My guess is that they want a Misha and Janet bottom two…. Little bit worried about a direct plea from Misha there – last time we saw that was here…. (See Sammi!) AMBER – because it wasn’t that great and the direct plea looked desperate….

Marcus – Can someone remind me where he’s from. Given a comparison with Stevie Wonder and he’s doing it for his mum. Who cares how he does it. I’m annoyed that the producers are mucking around with our heads by sticking a red piano on the set! But the main colour here was blue…. “he didn’t absolutely nail every note of that song” Louis…. But the fact that Louis told him it was amazing shows the producers motives for Marcus. Tulisa’s little speech shows that there is a Mafia like pact with the judges at the moment, where they have started to talk up the acts that they all know should be in the top 4. Gary had a pre-rehearsed speech ready, that song really didn’t “change the whole game”. GREEN

Amelia – Quite a dull VT. A massive block of red behind Amelia as well. I would say they want Janet and Amelia in the bottom two. AMBER

There is so so so much to analyse tonight. So much.

Gratuitous use of Red and Black.

Janet and Amelia are their two favoured to be the bottom two, but Misha could do it. Marcus and Little Mix are safe.

The red piano is irrelevant in the Marcus performance, because it was a blue background.

I’m on it. Keep coming back to over the next few hours, for some more thought through pieces…


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