Drip Drop… Drip Drop…

Just woken, bright and early. I will be here, live, from 8pm.

So, I’m working on a theory at the moment, so half baked it’s not even in the oven yet, that negative stories might be being leaked to the Sun in the week they want a certain act out. If I was a good quality blogger, who cared about his readers, I would have abandoned going to the BBC Good Food show to stuff my fat face full of cheese samples and would have spent the next three hours trying to find further examples. I will try this on Sunday evening, assuming I have nothing else to talk about by then….

Craig was last week (negative – simply because people didn’t especially warm to this guy last year – and incidentally, surprise surprise it was nonsense by Monday).

Buying the Sun this weekend, oh look – who’s that on the cover of Fabulous magazine…? Interestingly this will have been a decision made at least a week ago. If I was a good quality blogger with more than 22 minutes before my train, I would list previous cover stars, there have been some huge A list ones…. inside also nice to see Misha B wants a video documentary made about her and “I want to open up the Misha B Dream, Believe, Achieve Academy to give disadvantaged and misunderstood children a platform.”. That needs no sarcastic remark does it.

This week, if my (quarter baked – I’m just rolling the pastry) theory is correct it’s Janet’s turn.  A headline like “JANET- I HATE MY VOICE” is hardly the most helpful and positive on the eve of a Top 5 live show. (8am update, this theory is now just a fifth baked, I can’t find this in an early edition of today’s paper, so I assume it went in yesterday?) Will she go this week? Unlikely, as I think she’s got a very solid strand of support. Nonetheless, I’m reminded of the lyrics of that superb Eurovision Entry from Azerbaijan in 2010.

I don’t know how to stop.

How to stop

These tear drops,

That drip drop, drip drop

Drip drop drip drop.

These tear drops

That drip drop drip drop

Drip drop, drip drop.


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