The real reason Janet was throwing up back stage last night has not been widely reported.  She had been reading Betsfactor and realised the earthquake was coming. This is your early warning system site. The site that spots the tremors and jumps under tables before the rest of the market.

Yet another correct weekly bet. If you follow Betsfactor religiously (and lets be honest, I should start getting cult like devotion), you will have seen this coming a mile off. 

Please don’t do this, but if you’d stuck a tenner on every single one of our tips you’d now have £49.70 profit.  A staggering 497% return. Only pyramid schemes, oil exploration firms and 0901 phone competitions to win two tickets to see Olly Murs return that sort of astonishing amount.

We’ve  been saying this has been coming for weeks. Disclaimer.  Here are a few reasons she went.

1. Drip Drop Drip drop – Where did that quote come from!?

My drip drop theory is simple. Keep hammering the same point over and over and over.  This point: Devlin’s Dull. They have done this again and again with the VT’s over the last few weeks, with judges remarks and check this out….

Loads of papers picked up on “I’m one of the very many people that can’t stand the sound of their own voice, that’s just how it is.”. Headline they want. JANET – EVEN I CAN’T STAND MY VOICE!  I spotted this early yesterday and posted what I called a “quarter baked theory” about it.

So where on earth did that quote come from? It doesn’t appear to have been atributed to any specific media outlet. So, in my view, that’s come straight from the Press Office, via the Press Association, and diseminated around the world. Why would they pick that quote do you think?

This has strange similarities with a story leaked about Craig last weekend. Something to watch and something to keep an eye on!

2. Red and Black. It really was laughable what they did with her face this week.

You've Been Framed.

As I’ll point out in the next couple of days, it was all there again, the plinth, the smokey firey effects, and lots and lots of red and black. I also noticed something they did tonight with Red and Black which I’ll reveal on Tuesday.

3. Janet’s not a Christmas person! Thanks to my friend Sam, who spotted in her first VT this gem. Janet pointed out she was “not a Christmas Person”. She also said she was not a “guilty pleasures type of person”. Happy Happy Happy. She probably didn’t even like Olly Murs’ performance. I’m not a puppet person either Janet.

4. Frowning and Forgetting. Her comments at the end of the show, “I just can’t wait to get out of the show” summed it up for me. A couple of weeks ago at the end of a group song she was caught on camera looking miserable and this week she again (apparently – can’t remember when she did this in the past!) forgot her words. Her version of Mmmm Bop was staged deliberately to be the very definition of “3 out of 10”.

5. Judges – Remember a few weeks back, Kelly completely failed to back Janet against some Barlow negativity. If you want an act to survive you slate them publicly, get loads of boos and then loads of telephone calls. If you want an act to go, you either stage a row about something or better still hold back and try and find something positive like “I really wasn’t feeling that performance tonight but that brooch you’re  wearing tonight show’s you’ve got style girl, so well done for that”. They weren’t angry. They were just disappointed. And that’s worse!

6. Diana Devlin – As soon as I saw Janet I felt she was going home. The voice is great. but it isn’t very versatile. Janet will probably get an album out of it (especially over the Irish Sea where she appears to have support). Diana Vickers, a couple of years back, had a similar sounding voice and a similar problem. By week five we’d heard it all before.

7. Patronising Paragraph – The poor girl has just turned 17. She’s not matured and found her identity yet. She doesn’t really understand the media, what not to say in front of 12 million people, how to be likeable, the importance of always looking like you’re enjoying yourself etc etc. Amelia may also have been sent home the first time around for this very reason. When they are 16/17 it’s harder for them. Patronising Paragraph over.

Stick with Betsfactor over the week for all sorts of world class betting coverage as we gear up for the semi final:

MONDAY – Reflections on Sunday and your letters (Contact me here to send me unpleasant remarks, questions (ask the expert – the guy who tipped Craig – ha ha) and cash.

TUESDAY – Red and Black Herrings.

WEDNESDAY – The reasons for Betsfactor’s HISTORIC ANNOUCEMENT.

THURSDAY – Why the other three should give up and go home.

FRIDAY – A short point about shivering.

SATURDAY – Betsfactor LIVE!


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