The X – It’s Complicated (Part Three – REDS)

If you’ve just woken up, you’ve missed three posts. Firstly a historic midnight announcement, scroll  down and you’ll read the rest.

We’re talking about relationships. How Facebook let us click “It’s Complicated” and you might do that with the X. 

Now my Reds:

BOTH got the FULL Red and Black Treatment. Don’t give me nonsense about Misha or Marcus sets, as I’ll show on Tuesday, they are red and black herrings.

BOTH got dire VT’s in the style we’ve seen before

BOTH had songs I’d earlier highlighted as “worrying”.


I think the plan is this. Ideally they want Misha for the final. Amelia is the back up plan. Janet will have the kitchen sink thrown at her next week if they can’t get rid of her today.

However, Amelia is in danger and will go if she ends up against Misha. Ideally they want Amelia out next week, she’s been a nice gimmick, but they’d rather not have her in the final.

* In the FA Cup on ITV, when underdogs go on the road to Wembley, you don’t see VT’s explaining why they were given byes in Round Two, Three, Four and Five. We’d have to see one about Amelia’s Road to Wembley where basically she took a few weeks off and stayed in a Travellodge on the M1. Everyone would be embarrassed.

* Gary did a very clever thing this week. Pretending to present her journey as a very positive thing. “If I can just remind everyone of your journey…. you got kicked off on the first show, you spent five weeks in limbo…”, just gently stabbing her in the back but with a lovely lovely manner and smile.

* The VT for her this week was exactly in the same vein as the Sophie Habyebye one and Kitty’s dad shouting at passers by in the week she went. Some guy in a pink jumpsuit is horrifying shoppers in Teeside and yelling at them to vote for Amelia. Some local radio station is backing her and there are a few posters again. Exactly what we saw for Kitty and similar for Sophie.

* Kelly’s great line “She’s got so much support out there, (hands down dismissively) she’s gonna be fine”. So no need to vote everyone. It’s in the bag.

* Her pieces to camera are a little bored and tired.

* More Red and Black for Amelia. But maybe a bit lighter this time. Have a look:

I rate Amelia RED.


Finally…. Janet. She was who they thought they wanted to win the competition. But as in relationships, things change. You realise that that person you’re with maybe isn’t the person you thought. Maybe they seem a bit one dimensional, or maybe they seem a bit dull. Or maybe they forget something at a crucial moment.

All reasons to gently let someone down. Drip Drop Drip Drop. Or poison their food. Which ever you prefer.

Janet started with a positive VT – her switching on the Christmas lights, but her second one just made her look a bit of a loner and lots of negative words were used like “obscure”, “Brendan”, “odd”, “alternative music tastes”. Drip Drop Drip Drop.

Add to that the smoky red and the almost laughable attempts to provide negative connotations. Putting her face in a frame and then burning it really is a new low for our friends at Syco. If you don’t normally watch these videos – go on, just watch this, it really is absurd and brings my Red and Black theory to a whole new level.

add to that this diabolical performance of Mmmm Bop. I don’t need words, just watch it.

* Weak and average staging. They want her gone!!

* This just feels like Diana Vickers all over again.

* Hilariously muted criticism from the judges despite the fact that it was a decent vocal second time around. Gary (who’s very sharp), repeated the words boring and “you’re not versitale”.
On ITV2 Louis was asked “Who’s going home?”. He said “Janet did not have a great night tonight”. Notice also in the ITV1 show he didn’t directly plead with Ireland to vote (although interestingly he did with Amelia pleading for “everybody in the North of England” to pick up the phone.)

I think Janet’s going this evening and backed her at about evens. At the very least they are frantically trying to loosen her support. As I’ve said for a long time. She won’t win. RED


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