The X – It’s Complicated (Part Two – AMBER)

We’re looking at our “it’s complicated” relationship with our X. Catch up below.

MISHA – Now this really is complicated. This is the story of the one that just had too much drama. Here’s my theory. It’s just speculation and I’ll go into this in more detail in about 10 days if she’s still in it. Tulisa went overboard with the bullying thing, the producers then ballsed up and repeated the allegations in next week’s VT. Kelly kicked off and felt it really unfair. Kelly now supports Misha over the other two and is really rooting for her (based on this Daily Mail article!). Misha’s learning to become more humble and people are starting to warm to the fact that she’s got vunerabilities. I think Kelly’s kicked off and there is now an unwritten agreement. Tulisa reins it in and let’s the producers backtrack on her behalf and ramp up her support with a range of ridiculous VT’s; in return Kelly backs Little Mix.

The only problem with this, is the negative press that they can’t control (see that Daily Mail article for instance!).

Just like last week, the producers want to keep her, but we can’t predict the public mood (especially after a worse than expected final performance and more negative stories this week).

So, the plan is to keep her out of the bottom two for as long as they can get away with. It’s for one simple reason. She IS the most talented!

Personally, I think she could fall into the bottom two tonight. But outrageously, I reckon she’d be saved against Janet. She’s very AMBER for me.

Next. 11am – The Reds


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