The X – It’s Complicated – (Part One – Greens)

 I’d be clicking “It’s complicated”  now on Facebook for our relationship with the X.

Let’s try and explain it. This is just my opinion based on things I’ve read in tabloid newspapers, half baked theory and maybe adding 2 and 2 and getting 5. (Like they did with The Risk)

Firstly, have a read of this. This is my live blog. Some of it is drivelly, but you’ll get an idea of where my head was, as it developed last night.

This is going to be in three parts.

NOW– The Greens

9am – The Amber

11am – The Reds
MARCUS. Is safe. Endless references to Liverpool, a pre-rehearsed speech from Gary about that Stevie Wonder song being his moment (it really wasn’t!), a decent performance with the Wham song (wooooo yeah, ya all havin’ a good time? Wooo). Let’s relive that again.

VT’s talking about how he’s from some North West City, the fact he was doing it for his mum, Tulisa hinting at him having a hard life and doing it in the most waffley way possible. Safe. GREEN.

Women are way more complicated, so let’s leave him.

Next we have LITTLE MIX. This is my theory – this is speculation, repeat, this is  speculation. Last week they had an amazing performance and topped the vote. The producers, as I’ve repeatedly said, would love it if they won and are desperate to get them in the final, but they can’t be seen to be overly pimping them. This was the safest week to put them on first, meaning when it really matters (semi final week) they can be stuck on last and hyped to hell. Strictly was on, but on this occasion, who cares – we just want the punters to see the Beautiful moment. I thought their first performance was great,

and maybe the judges were just playing it tough, so they didn’t seem to be overly backing them. Who cares anyway, it was a decent performance, buried away first.

As I have said before, tears = ratings. Remember this performance? It lead to record breaking success.

Given I have £850 on this I was praying that Jesy would deliver. And she did. The words really meant something and she put her heart and soul into the performance. The producers played a blinder making sure she topped and tailed the performance. There were a few duff notes, but it was relatable for many many people, sat in on their sofas eating pizza and ice cream on a Saturday night. They really set the song up and explained the meaning behind the words. BOOM! Proving that female judges are just as complicated, Kelly, previously unsupportive, backed these girls to hilt AND was in tears herself. Even better. Still not convinced…? OK who was the surprise last week not to be in the bottom two? And why was that?

The producers wouldn’t take a gamble with these precious little souls, they must be doing better than we thought.

These girls are safe. 100% safe. They will win it. See the historic midnight announcement.

And next week, they can be ramped all the way to the final and beyond.

Next: 9am – Amber.


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