Reflections on Sunday

I’ll keep this brief as there’s LOADS to read below this post. I’ve explained why Janet vanished in to red and black smoke already and we pretty much doubled our cash last night.

Click on the links, if you haven’t read the LIVE BLOG or the reasons Janet went and also the HISTORIC announcement.

Each Monday I like to reflect on what we’ve just seen….

* Words to reflect on first. “Collaborate with the world’s most famous puppets and you know you have made it.“. Yeah.

* After the historic announcement, I have a number of concerns, and I’ll write a few later in the week. The producers are obsessed with the word POPSTAR whenever they show Marcus. Louis crowbarred it into the roundup numbers VT. Almost every show they use that word in a subconcious manner to plant the idea in our mind that he is a POPSTAR. Which worries me.

* Jessie J’s Little Mix endorsement isn’t quite as good as One Direction’s, but the drip drop will do for me.  On the show the majority of the celeb endorsements are for the Mixettes. Message: These great people are backing them, why the hell aren’t you?

* Misha remains at the bottom of the M&S advert and crucially they’ve decided to allow her to lead the charity single. Janet sounds sensational on it. Marcus doesn’t. It was very unhappy at how little of the single the Mixettes were given, Perry was given a few Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, but a first slot behind Johnny is pretty weak and indicates that maybe the historic announcement could be on shakier ground. Although to be fair, groups would sound odd at the start. Sophie placed before Amelia also says a lot.

* Little Mix were left until last in the results reveal. This is the second time they’ve done this in a row. Not sure whether that shows they were third in the voting and the producers want to scare us into voting next week.

Tonight: Postbag – loads of comments, letters and pointers from you, the three readers. There’s still time to get your ill thought through opinion mentioned. Hit CONTACT NOW!

Tomorrow: Red and Black Herrings.


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