Red and Black Day – GRAND FINALE.

Red and Black Day Finale.

Being honest, I am a bit fearful about this post – because I worry you the reader will just think I’m looking into this too deeply. “Yeah, nice point mate, but let it go!”.

So that’s disclaimer number one, you agree to read this with an open mind. Disclaimer number two, this is very half baked at the moment. Disclaimer three – if you came to this site today, you would think this is all I blog about! Today was a closing the case day, and I think I’ve done that here! Red and Black is something to look at in conjunction with everything else from VT’s to show position. Disclaimer four – you could say “yeah, but why aren’t you talking about the diner (there was just too much else going on on that set) and why aren’t you pointing out that Marcus was standing behind a blue background and the “call now” strap very cleverly hid the piano.

So that’s why it’s half baked at the moment, so you accept that and you accept the four disclaimers!

You’ve digested Red and Black Day. Based on what you’ve read do you think:

a. The producers are just stupid.
b. This is just a hugely conicidental random event.
c. They are well aware of this and have been using this trick for ages.

I’m going for c.

So we’re agreeing it’s a deliberate act and they are well aware of it. Yes?

Do we agree, most of the time the producers use blue and white (and more colourful pinks etc when they want to). But generally, decent performances or acts they like long term, get blue and white? Yes?

Whilst it’s best to use red with black and silly smokey effects and flames, do we agree that the producers are well aware that using excessive red in a performance is ‘risky’ at best. Yes?

Now think carefully before answering this next one.

Which two acts over the last few weeks have the producers really been pushing? And I mean really pushing. Think first before answering!


<answer below>



If you said Misha B and Little Mix, I agree.

Are we surprised that at no stage Little Mix have had excessive red in ANY of their performances? No.

Are we surprised that since Bullygate in Week 4 and a U Turn on Misha, there has been barely a hint of red in any of her performances? No.

So, to recap. You agree with me.

* They are well aware red is unhelpful.
* It doesn’t happen by chance.
* It’s thought through.

Agreed? Say those three things back to yourself over and over again, whilst you are watching these two videos.


Can you spot a predominant block of colour used excessively in this performance?


Well, we know why that is; but this is more curious,  what is your eye continually drawn to in this performance?


It doesn’t happen by chance. It’s thought through. 

They are well aware red is unhelpful. 


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  1. Is the answer to the last question “the big red piano”

    Things would be so much simpler if TPTB seemed 110% commited to a Marcus win instead of the crazy madness of trying to get a girl group over the line.

  2. oh you were talking about the great big star projected on to the stage?

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