Red and Black Day – The Singoffs Twist

It’s Red and Black day on Betsfactor. Where we close the case on the use of this colour scheme being one of a number of methods to nudge us in to not voting. Have a read of the article below first.

The Next Red and Black BOMBSHELL

On ALL of the singoffs, the act that was Red and Blacked WAS SAVED!

So Why?!

* We’re reading too much into it? On a Saturday, I’m absolutely convinced that it’s one of at least half a dozen ways to get the punters to hold off calling that 0901 number. On a Sunday, the singoff staging is fairly irrelevant to the public vote, other than for the drip drop effect.

* Laziness (Just use Blue for the first Red for the second – it doesn’t really matter – pull out a stock graphic)

* They always use Red second to mix it up a bit, so if anyone ever complains they can say “Well you got blue for the singoff and that’s more important”, despite the judges almost certainly having made their mind up already.

* So that in VT’s next week they can use the red and black behind the person, as normally the sing off person will be someone they want to go soon anyway (although this would not be the case with Misha).

So in summary, I’m not sure. My guess is “this is how it’s always done”. The producers have only minutes to sort out staging and so on, so the only decision they ever make is, who do we want going home? They stick that person on first (almost always), and they always get blue. The person on second (normally saved) gets red and black.

Any idea why? CONTACT ME HERE. 

More soon on Red and Black Day.


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