The world’s premier entertainment site Betsfactor shock up the gambling world at midnight on Saturday with a HISTORIC ANNOUNCEMENT. This created immense shockwaves in the betting markets. As a direct result of the historic announcement, odds on Little Mix have fallen an incredible 22% from 2.98 to 2.32. 

Here and Here you can enjoy the journey so far and why it happened…

Five new reasons why Little Mix will win:

1. Drum Banging – Yesterday’s Red and Black Day should give you one new reason. (See menu top left)

2. You know them – When the girls win, who’s face are you going to look for first? This is the first time in the X Factor’s eight year history that we have a member of a girl band we feel we know and are rooting for. It’s also the first time in X Factor history where you can actually name at least one member of the band. Who was in Kandy Rain? Belle Amie? Bad Lashes? Even now, I can only name a couple of the Saturdays!

3. Slot Bullets – The girls have now been on first in the running order, that bullet is out of the way, they can now fairly and reasonably get a decent slot (if the producers feel they need it) on Saturday and a favourable slot for the final.

4. Muppets – Who’s ultimately pulling the strings behind this musical puppet show….? Who’s this backing Little Mix….? Ryan writes “Based on that, your next article should be, five reasons why Tulisa won’t be a judge again.” Doesn’t always work though!

5. Coincidences – Mutually backslapping, love this point from Sofabet.

 Is it purely a coincidence that of the show’s seven winners, it’s the two girls who can be considered successes while Matt Cardle is showing every sign of joining the other four males in the not-so-successful category – and conversely, of the commercially successful acts who have been beaten, more are male? If there a non-coincidence explanation, we can’t think of one. (Full article here)

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Coming up tomorrow. Manchester’s Misha, Merseyside’s Marcus & Middlesbrough’s Meila. Maybe?


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