One of the first things I did this morning was spontaneously groan.

Out loud.

I never groan out loud.

Later today, I’ll be publishing a post being more sober and explaining why I haven’t put hundreds on Little Mix. Despite all the hyperbole and mucking around, I can’t be THAT sure that Little Mix will win it, otherwise I’d be putting a years salary on it! We’ll be assessing whether the odds are really fair prices for the other three semi finalists. Turns out my first point for the case against LM, has been written for me.

A few weeks ago I called One Direction’s backing of Little Mix, more important than the Sun’s support for the Conservatives in 1992.

And then I wake up to this headline, on the front page of the Sun for good measure.


“One Direction star Zayn Malik has pulled Little Mix babe Perrie Edwards after meeting her backstage at The X Factor.”

“Zayn, 18, snogged the blonde after 1D performed on the show last month…”

Click on the online article. They use the word dating.


More here.


* Is this utter nonsense? Either way, this is hugely unhelpful and will require firefighting on ITV2 this weekend if untrue.

* Is this just bad luck? It’s a “source” so not necessarily the X Factor Press Office!

* Why has this taken a few weeks to get out?

If Syco want these girls to win they should be in 24/7 quarantine at the moment…!

So far the odds haven’t moved. They should by at least 5-10%. The whole point of these girls is that they are accessible, little, nice, vulnerable, humble and crucially your friends.

Not girls that would snog a guy you’re 99% sure you’re going to marry.


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