SNOG CRISIS – Your Reaction

Obviously with a crisis of this nature, the amount of e mail has been overwhelming Betsfactor HQ.

If you’ve not yet read about the = SNOG CRISIS = You need to go here and here first.

To the postbag and here are what a few of you are saying. I love getting your thoughts so fire them through….

This is DavoP79:
Hi Richard – Love the blog – If she was snogging other boys it wouldn’t have been ideal – but this is apoclayptically stupid. Surely they can be briefed!? Nigel Martin Smith was making sure Robbie didn’t have a girlfriend…

Rule 1. No boys
Rule 1a. If rule 1 is broken, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make that boy a member of One Direction. Certain apocalypse will follow.
NB. Breaking rule 1a is 10,000x worse than breaking rule 1

Quite. But then the producers have been far from perfect this year and we’ve seen with Misha Bullygate how they focus more on cheap short term publicity stunts to get viewers than on the long term viability of the show.

This is Sam:

Hi Richard – Love the Blog. I agree it’s probably not good news. Unless somehow there’s a “i’m just a normal girl and look i’ve dated a pop star, so could you!” angle. But in general girls will just be jealous. Could the producers come up with a Zayn dumped me approach? (I know they wouldn’t because of the OD brand).

I look forward to tomorrow’s papers – and especially Saturdays, where more clues as to the producers’ intentions may lurk….

Ceri writes:

Richard – Love the blog – Your top tip is ****ed now one of them is with Zayn from One Direction. Young girls won’t like that! She will be branded a harlot and no one will vote for them. Bad News.

I think that’s going way too far! I think the best phrase is “this is unhelpful”. One Direction only came third in the X Factor, have failed to score a #1 album, and will be dropping significantly down the album chart this Sunday. So they aren’t THAT popular. I suspect it’s pretty tight at the top at the moment, and we can do without this sort of thing thank you very much. I worry that they peaked just a week too soon! Still think they will win it though! This is only red flag number one. I don’t want any more. Do you hear me girls?! I don’t want any more.

This is Ryan:

Richard – Love the blog. Popstars date other popstars. It’s what popstars do. Note I said popstar three times. (This is a gag for regular lovers of Betsfactor). What celebrities have shown any interest in Marcus? Or Misha B. (Pervy Bryan Adams fantasies about Amelia Lily dont count). One of the Saturdays goes out with part of JLS. Girls Aloud have dated various celebrities (and Ashley Cole). It’s natural. Its positive. It puts them in the big league. Good luck The Mix.

Yep – and this guy has been linked to other girls before (so it’s not the first time teen’s hearts have been broken).What’s more more concerning:

– This story has been allowed to get out.

– This story has been allowed to run without denial.

– Little Mix should not, under any circumstances, snog boys you fancy. They should be like you and have no chance with them.
Contact me HERE.

Tomorrow – The rest of the field and my unique CoWel% rating.

SATURDAY – LOADS DURING THE DAY AND WE’RE =LIVE= FROM 8PM. Last week a correct weekly bet was made DURING the live show.


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