====== SNOG CRISIS =======

It’s PerrieSnog CRISIS Night.

Firstly we should state: IF. THIS. IS. TRUE. If if isn’t, well it’s not been handled well for us (me) at Betsfactor.

My 75-1 girls struck me as having iron like focus on winning the prize. This lusty error of judgement completely wipes out several arguments in favour of Little Mix winning, and just ten days before the final.

Earlier this evening the emerging crisis started to trend on Twitter. Tweets ranged from

“I would be super happy as I know he’s happy with her and that’s all that matters”.


“Life has no meaning anymore”.

Where the hell are the X Factor Press Team when you need them? I’ve written this for you, feel free to just cut and paste and whack into a Press Release.



Little Mix role model, Perrie, 18, chocked back tears last night, as she told of how Zayn

– Came on to her
– Only gave her a peek on the cheek
– Is now dating Misha B AND Amelia Lily, after she told him it was over weeks ago.

Trembling Perrie, 19, emotionally hugging Jesy, sobbed, “We girls are going to stick together through thick and thin. Zayn’s a lovely guy, but I’ve had wonderful opportunities – I just want to focus on my anti bullying campaign and maybe, just maybe, getting to the final. I want some other lucky girl to find happiness with him.”

A spokesman for the One Direction ‘star’, said “I can’t comment on the rumour about Zayn getting very cosy with Amelia and Misha B at this stage”.


So why haven’t they?

It’s annoying for someone standing to win nearly a grand that they have failed to issue a quick denial which could mean any or all of these:

– It’s true.
– They are happy with the publicity for the show.
– They don’t care about the damage it could do for LM.

I was amused to have a number of texts from friends who’d spotted it and were equally as convinced this wasn’t great news. So how much of an impact could this happen on the vote. It’s time for “based on utterly nothing” speculation.

Odds: The Odds have stubbornly stayed at 2.32 all day on Betfair. The market doesn’t give a monkeys.

Half Baked Drivel: I’d say 25% of votes come from teenage girls. Of those, let’s say 40% are obsessive fans, 20% are fans but not obsessively. Basically about 10% of the total vote could be affected by heartbroken 14 year olds. Which is bad, but not fatal.

Trends: This has been allowed to run. It became a TRENDING TWITTER TOPIC tonight. The Press Team have not stopped this story. Given what they did with Janet on Saturday, does this mean they want to dampen support?

Love: Hatred for Perrie is no bad thing. She might have snogged a boy. Some people are jealous and saying horrible things about her on Twitter. What is that called again? Ah yes, bullying. Loads of people are saying what a lovely couple they make and loads of people are standing up for her on Twitter/Forums tonight.

Two Birds. One Stone: One Direction’s album was out last week. Only made #2. This week it’s not on the iTunes downloads Top 10. (Could be a demographics thing). Sales of Jeremy Clarkson’s new DVD will be soaring right now, this could be the idea for the 1D boys.

Continuing coverage of Perriesnog CRISIS here on Betsfactor. A special 10pm bulletin, with your thoughts in our postbag coming.

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