Syco Portfolio Management

When you’re investing in shares, the advice is normally to have a balanced portfolio.  A mixture of study high yielding dividend payers (Leona Lewis / Susan Boyle), riskier growth companies that might triple in value and then suddenly go bust (One Direction, Cher Lloyd), dead ducks you shouldn’t have bought in the first place (Jai McDowell, Leon Jackson a few year back),  and  maybe a couple of firms that have seen better days but that you think could recover (Like Shane Ward a few years back).

How would the final four acts work as part of Simon Cowell’s portfolio:

Young Urban singer who can belt them out? Alexandra Burke works fine, for rap, just hire in Flo Rida and insert for 25 seconds two third into the track. Cher Lloyd gives the edge, Rebecca Ferguson the softer notes. =SELL=

Pleasant bloke who’s a bit West End? I wonder whether his portfolio maybe has been rather heavily invested in these for the last few years. Olly Murs is the current one paying out dividend cheques. Joe never really took off. =SELL=

Young Christina Type?  I’d say this is an area in which he would be interested. She’s pretty distinctive from what he has at the moment and has a good voice, if they can just work on softening the shouting a bit. =HOLD=

Girlband – He’s been trying to get one of these for years! Even to the extent of trying to get Hope to the final five a few years back. =BUY=

I’d say any of this four could get a record deal as G4, JLS and One Direction prove, you certainly don’t need to win it. He often backs a number of acts each year.

With one act though, the Syco portfolio looks a lot more balanced.

Alexandra Burke
Cher Lloyd
Il Divo
Jackie Evancho
Jai McDowall
Leona Lewis
Little Mix
Matt Cardle
Olly Murs
One Direction
Rebecca Ferguson
Ronan Parke
Susan Boyle


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  1. little mix don’t need to win, already in portfolio

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