SFS – Three Reasons Why Marcus Could Win

Even though the ridiculous historic announcement has been made, I’m obviously not that confident that Little Mix will win it – if I was I would have put five figure sums on the event. However, I haven’t hedged the bet so the total I stand to lose at the moment is about £350. I could take that now.

If I was certain though, I would be putting far far money on it – I’m one of those risk averse people, the type who buys a car with a high NCAP safety rating, buys a car parking ticket for a 90 second stay, treble checks the locks before you go out “just to be on the safe side”….

So, aside from the hyperbole and tabloid nonsense, let’s calm down and look at the exclusive Betsfactor Cowel%  for each act. (Chance of winning expressed like a percentage).

Three reasons Marcus could win it.

Lovely Marcus has not put a foot wrong.

Popstar Problem – As we’ve said before, the subliminal trick they are trying with Marcus is calling him a popstar over and over again. In almost every episode of the last few weeks, they have thrown the word POPSTAR in (normally by Louis) whenever we see him. He’s often seen signing autographs in his VT as well. He was also on a big “star” logo last week if you want to take the subliminal thing to a new level.

Liverpool – He has the regional vote behind him, and we can assume a lot of Craig’s supporters now back Marcus, especially since they were good friends. The producers also backed him against Craig by pointing out he’s from Liverpool rather than “kirkby” and has the backing of Rebecca Ferguson, something Craig didn’t get.

Blandland  – Pleasent guys have won again and again, from Steve, to Leon, to Matt, to Joe… None have done that well though, which is why I think he won’t win it.

Betsfactor CoWel% Score: 20%.

Current odds: 2.62 (for people not interested in betting, that means if you give me a pound, I’ll give you £2.62 back if you win. Your £1 back and another £1.62)


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