It’s Semi Final Saturday on Betsfactor. Loads of articles today –  See today’s superb line up of analysis and entertainment here.

Don’t forget we’re live this week at 8pm.

Disclaimer: There are so many variables in all this. Is tonight really the semi final? What about next Saturday, is that really the semi final? Some year’s they’ve had three acts at this stage, not four etc etc. But this is a bit of fun….

One of the most obvious ways of working out who the producers want to stay and go is looking at the running order.

In pretty much every episode of the last few years, the last act in any edition is safe.

However in the last TWO years when four went into to three this wasn’t the case. 

* The laughable Saturday “final” last year, which was basically a semi final, held the day before the final, Cher Lloyd went despite being on last.

* In 2009’s Semi Final Danyl Johnson was also on last and failed to make it through.

We should read into it that the act on last is maybe the act they want to try and help? On both occasions there wasn’t much in it. Stacey Solomon clung on by mere tenths of a percentage and seriously, thank god she did…..

 So, just because you are on last in the semi doesn’t mean you survive.

Bombshell two, you won’t win it either.

Only once has an act that was placed last in the semi gone on to win it….

Joe was on last in the final, but not in the semi. Winner.
Alexandra was on last in the final, but not in the semi. Winner.
Rhydian was on last in the final but not in the semi. Loser (but surely who they wanted to win – Leon wasn’t last in the semi either!!)
Leona was on last, but not in the semi. Winner.

Matt wasn’t last on either. Winner.

Only Shane Ward was placed last in the semi final and actually went on to win it.

Points to remember.

Not a semi – Tonight is not really the semi final – with acts on twice there are still THREE shows where running order will matter. They may decide to keep phone lines open for at least 40 minutes of the Sunday ‘final’ final for all three acts and allow them to perform one more song each.

Last Act – Last Shot. The act on last tonight is probably an act not doing very well in the votes who they want to help. Given we’re assuming the Mixettes are 1st in the votes at the moment, I don’t expect them to be on last tonight. In fact based on the above we don’t want them to be on last tonight!

At a guess I’ll go for: Amelia, Marcus, Little Mix, Misha tonight, in that order.


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