SFS – FLASH – Song Choices Revealed

I should stress, they only release the titles, so I’m making educated guesses about the artists! And amusingly, if you read this ten minutes ago, you’ll have seen I’ve changed one of the artists!

AMELIA – Diana Ross (et al!) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Avril Lavigne – I’m With You

Very very strange to go for an Avril song from 2003! Assuming she’s appealing to a younger audience, that’s a mistake.

Diana Ross and “that one from the DHL advert” is a good call, although Diana gets very very high on that song, if Amelia nails those notes, it’s good news for her, if she doesn’t it’ll really show. We all know the chrous to Ain’t No Mountain but the lyrics to the Avril Lavigne song are as memorable as your DHL Tracking Code.


LITTLE MIX – You Keep Me Hanging On – Supremes, Beyonce – If I Were A Boy

Keep Me hanging on is another Sumpremes number, which will annoy Kelly after last week. She wasn’t happy that they were taking on a Supremes song. Then to further rile her, they are doing a song by one of her best friends… Not a wise move!

These are two great songs, but Kelly could be hyper critical tonight. Not too sure how they will harmonise If I were a boy, but it’s a good girl power tune. Originally written when a woman wanted a hotdog, but that’s a 30 second story over a jingle for another media outlet.

Anyway, high energy for the first, huge radio hit that women everywhere can relate to for the second.


Marcus Collins – The Jacksons –  Can You Feel It and Temptations – My Girl

Comparisons with a young Michael Jackson are always dangerous, but it’s such a big song.

Two tunes to get him into the final. My Girl will delight the OAP’s and a hit more than once, and used in rom coms etc.

Not convinced his vocals will do either song justice, but the judges will tell you that they did and that he “shut the place down” and “smashed it” and “that he reminds me of a young Dr Alban”.


Misha B – Dancing In The Street – Martha and the Vandellas and Perfect – Pink (or maybe Fairground Attraction)

Two interesting choices. Ignore what I wrote ten minutes ago…

Dancing on the Street is a fine – and if she does start, this will be a great way to start the show.

If it’s Fairground Attraction’s version of Perfect, I’d say that was just bizarre. Also not great for her singing that lyric with diva accusations flying around. “It’s got to beee beee beeee Perfect” doesn’t work.

More likely, it’ll be Perfect by Pink. Which is a wonderful record as a sort of anti bullying tune. The lyrics are perfect for her and there’s also a rapping opportunity.


Not quite as easy to call now. If Amelia goes first, and Misha goes last, and gets some sort of cry VT, this game isn’t over…. If Misha goes first, then I think it’s more obvious. Amelia closed the show last time around, so she won’t close it tonight….

We’re live in minutes….


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  1. I think Misha’s song could be this, it seems to fit

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