SFS – Morning Paper Review

It’s Semi Final Saturday on Betsfactor. So far you’ve missed this  and this.

Don’t forget we will be LIVE at 8pm. 

The last couple of weeks the press has acted as a early warning system, with negative stories being leaked on the Saturday and that person then going. Three Red Top tabloids. We’ll do these in reverse order of importance, based on readership.

1pm Stop Press – Thanks to reader Karen who spotted in the Daily Mail on p19 Amanda Platell laying into Misha B! She again uses the “bully” word, “people young and old have turned against her”, “few of us will shed a tear for her”, “who would ever have thought The X Factor would have a moral compass”. It’s a fairly vicious piece but it’s more an opinion article than “news”. Nonetheless it’s another negative piece on the day of the semi final.

So who are the chosen ones?

Daily Star – Lame front page story LITTLE MIX FACTOR – Pointing out that they are “red hot favourites”, which is something we knew five days ago, to suggest they are “red hot” is not true.

My concern with all this, is that LM have peaked about six days too early. I was hoping the hype “a girl band really could win it”, would kick in at the start of next week. The Star then run a story about Kelly’s single, printing some of the disgusting lyrics, and calling the usual suspects (people from the Mothers Union, Mediawatch etc) and asking them a tough question “should kids be subjected to lyrics like ‘ I could make love on the floor, just give me a ride I won’t forget”? They then sit back as the livid bile comes down the phone and boom, you have a “bosses face fury” story.

With a clear lack of understanding about betting odds,  they claim bookies have made Little Mix “dead certs”, by quoting odds of 5-4! They also repeat the Perrie rumours.

Verdict – Lame stories, only disadvantage is it discourages fans from voting. They no longer look like underdogs you want to help.

Daily Mirror.   –  They lead with Jason Gardiner leaving Dancing on Ice. Very little X Factor coverage. A bit on a tweet Marcus sent out that’s so uninteresting it’s not worth repeating. They also claim Misha has landed a role in a Tim Burton movie.  Read deeper and its a “cameo voiceover role” and also they want her to sing a song on the soundtrack to a film called Frankenweenie. Burton chatted to B for 15 minutes and the pair “swopped management details”!

Verdict – All very neutral stories. 

Finally, and most importantly, The SunMISHA I’ll GET AXED – you can read it here . True or not, Misha is stroppy is the basic message you would get.  The main point of the story is that this week there is no singoff this weekend, so whoever’s bottom is out. This sent her into “meltdown” supposedly.  They have also found out how much the wigs cost, which suggests the story is either straight from the press team or it’s not being denied. If we see VTs this weekend maybe with her arguing about a song choice she’s this weekend’s chosen one.

Tiny little story (which is annoying – I wanted it to be MASSIVE!) claiming Niall from One Direction is texting Amelia and has asked her out on a date. Put that on the front page you….! 

Mariah Carey maybe for the final yadda yadda…. what’s this… Pages 42 and 43? A centre page pullout spread on the Childhood Struggles of Little Mix? You couldn’t make it up could you!!

Quotes include “Little Mix know all about adversity“, “regular jobs“, “broken homes“, “deprived areas“. Obviously when you read the article, it’s not strictly accurate:

Jade – has all A*’s and was a head girl, but let’s gloss over that.

Perrie – Is in the middle of family turmoil even now apparently

Leigh Anne – Worked at Pizza Hut. So er.

And the girl we need to take us closer to the 75-1 win,  delivering exactly what I want to read, almost word perfect.

Jesy “I still get hurt, I still cry, but nothing is going to put me off my dreams”. Spot on Jesy.

Verdict – Absolutely perfect for my predictions. Little Mix getting ridiculously positive coverage in an excellent slot (across the centre pages) of the biggest selling newspaper in the UK. Marcus and Amelia no where to be seen, Misha given a negative write up. Although, again, it would have been more helpful next weekend. Still…Boom!

I’m surprised at how much of a low profile Marcus seems to be having at the moment. Is he ahead at the moment and they want to quieten down his support? 

Overall – A very bad morning for Misha. Amelia and Marcus don’t get touched….

This afternoon – 2,3 and 4pm – Three reasons why <insert contestant that won’t win> could win it.

6pm – Song INSTANALYSIS – Who’s singing what and how will that affect the betting?

8pm – Betsfactor =LIVE= Instant reaction to the events as the markets swing wildly.


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  1. So, are we 100% confirmed – NO sing off?

    • Hi James,

      It’s not been 100% confirmed, but there are various places that are saying that it’s not going to happen and I think they’d all look pretty silly if that was suddenly changed. Especially The Sun.

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